Remembering Dumbi

It’s been a couple of years since my first “kid” with the BF passed away. My mother-in-law HATES furry things of all kinds but she usually relaxes house rules when it comes to me. (Methinks she’s afraid that her son can’t find another girl to marry!) A few years ago, the family males and I conspired to bring a tiny furry into the house so that we can work our way up to a keeping a dog.

The BF and I went to Serangoon to get a Syrian cos all the hamsters up for adoption were dwarves. We didn’t want something that tiny as he’s not as familiar with animals as I am and he felt uncomfortable handling a very quick and very fragile puff that he could accidentally squash. I knew wanted a Golden but he fell in love with a boisterous Silverfox once we were at the shop. The BF picked “a sweet little girl that didn’t run away from him” as the one to bring home. I insisted that the hamster was a boy, and not a girl. Their testes are unmistakable! I remember that the stupid shopkeeper very adamantly said that it’s a girl, and that he’s an expert so I should STFU and not argue. Okay fine, let him win. And thus, Baby – as unimaginatively named by the BF – came home with us, grew a pair of nice furry balls in a month and created a mini war when mother-in-law saw him.

Baby in his coming home box!

Not long after, I introduced Baby to Tuppy and they… obviously didn’t like each other. (PS: Tuppy NEVER had to opportunity to eat Baby, I made sure of that). The two of them spent HOURS staring at each other. The tiny one would lie on level 2 of his cage and make chittering noises and the big one sat on the floor staring at the gray thing with the big ears and probably wondered if it was tasty or not. It looked stupid and I started calling them Dumbo the dog and Dumbi the hamster. Poor hammy got his name changed to Dumbi permanently when his Daddy decided that it’s a better name.

When I had my own hamster many years ago, I realised that they could be trained to returned to their cages if they’re let loose to play in a safe environment. We let Dumbi out of his cage to play when the room door was closed. I loved taking pics of him as he popped up randomly all over.


One other habit he had was pretty unusual for a hamster. He would scale the great mountain known to us as a bed post and come right up to to where I was and lie down beside me like a dog. He literally just lay there and day dreamed about sunflower seeds or something. Here’s one of my favourite series.

Da-dum. Da-dum. Here I come.

*Splat* Hi Mommy.

Like all other rodents, being handled was never a huge favourite of his. He would wriggle and twist and headbutt his way out of human hands… until food was involved. As evidenced by these pictures.


Oh tasty treat? Let me hold on to your finger then, so you can’t take it away from me.

But when left alone, Dumbi liked plopping his furry butt wherever he felt like and be still. Sometimes he popped up in really hazardous places and the BF and I would frantically chase him around to evict him from said dangerous places. Thankfully, he was never much of a nibbler/chewer/biter so he (fortunately) never got electrocuted to death.


More wires.

Fell asleep after being forcibly ejected from wires.

Even though I tried hard to not make Dumbi “my hamster”, it hurt abit when he passed on. The BF went all macho and pretended it was a-okay. I wasn’t in his home when Dumbi went away to Rainbow Bridge but I heard from his mom that he got all teary eyed as he buried our kid in the garden.

We haven’t moved on to a guinea pig yet cos we’re both so busy and I already have a dog to take care of. Maybe we’ll get a bunny after reading up on how plausible is it for us to keep one, but the BF has a tankful of fishes now so we’ll see.

We miss you Dumbi. I still sometimes think that my coin purse is you.

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