Nivea Pure Effect 3-in-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes

I have to admit – I’m a huge wipes girl. Most days, I don’t have much cosmetics on other than tinted sunblock, blusher and lip balm so I kinda tell myself that I don’t need the whole make up remover shebang. Also, I’m a lazy asshole – which explains why I generally don’t paint my face everyday.

My daily after work routine involves playing  with Tuppy and flopping onto my bed for an hour or two before bath time. Don’t judge me okay… travelling on the MRT nowadays is not unlike war. Given how short I am, I get shoved around quite a fair bit and spend the rest of time smelling other people’s armpits. I deserve some floppy-albeit-dirty time directly after.

Problem is, most of my bedsheets are white/whitish/pale shades and my make up does stain them after I’m done rolling and rubbing around with my dog. I’ve been wiping my face before indulging in some play time for years.

On print, Nivea’s Pure Effect 3-in-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes sound like a busy (or lazy) girl’s Godsend. The soft side claims to deeply cleanse and remove make -up while the textured side works to lift and remove old skin cells without leaving residue. One of the key ingredients – magnolia extract – also help to prevent impurities without irritating skin.

Wait, two sided wipes?

It’s not my lousy photography alright? Visually, it can be difficult to discern between the textured and smooth side but it’s quite obvious to feel with your hands.

These wipes are designed for oily/ impure skin, but they’re not at all drying. They have almost the perfect amount of moisture, unlike some other wipes that dripping with liquid and rather unmanageable. Moist enough to be a joy when you first open a new packet, but it does become a little drier as the days pass. I used my pack of 20 sheets in about a month and definitely saw the difference when I compared it to a brand new opened sheet.

Scent wise, there’s no trace overpowering or cloying smells that I absolutely detest. The wipe doesn’t feel slimy as well. Some of the other brands I’ve tried have all of these faults so this one has passed the test up to now.

Gunk on my face: Moisturizer, sunblock, loose/contour/highlight powder, water proof eyeliner and blusher.

The smooth side did a good job with K Palette’s eyeliner, leaving no visible evidence behind. I had to use 2 sheets to completely remove all my make up though. Maybe I have a big face.

The textured bit erased all remaining eyeliner that I couldn’t see. The wipe is extremely gentle on my skin – even the exfoliating side. It does leave soft and clean skin behind.. but psychologically (I think), my face still felt like it needed a good old facial foam wash.

[Note: I always use facial washes after using wipes. ]

On a separate day when I had the full works going on (read: falsies, mascara, foundation, etc) Nivea wipes weren’t so handy. They had trouble with my eyelash glue and I used about 4 sheets before I gave up and removed my make up the traditional way instead.

As a simple wipe, Pure Effect 3-in1 wipes are great. Especially for those days when you have light make up on. Plus, it really does leave your skin feeling soft and silky to the touch. How could you not love a skin care product that quickly and easily removes your make-up, cleanses your face, and cares for your skin?

I would prefer using a proper remover for heavy make up though. It’s not gonna be cost effective (or thorough) relying only on these wipes. That being said, I do like using these to exfoliate – after removing my cosmetics – every day. They’re so gentle and leave smooth skin behind.

Nivea Pure Effect 3-in-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes are available in all personal care stores and supermarkets island wide at SGD $9.90 for 20 sheets.

This product was sponsored by Nivea.

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