L’Oreal First Men Expert’s Blogger Party

L’Oreal invited a bunch of beauty bloggers – as well as a male friend each- to their first L’Oreal Men Expert’s blogger party early last month. Of course I took the opportunity to bring the BF along for “work”. (And for free transportation both ways. And free dinner.) I was a little apprehensive bringing him along cos he has always had serious social ineptitude issues. I’ve kinda lost count of the times he’d accidentally said the wrong things…

(If you wanna know, he did it once, at this event. Big improvement.)

This was held at The Studio Bar over at North Bridge Road. It was a very cozy affair with less than 20 pax in attendance. Kinda felt more like a friend-invite-friend event than a launch party. Me likey. The L’Oreal folks made the guys blot their faces for oil before and after they washed their faces with the new Volcanic Red Foam. The difference was dramatic. They had zero oil on them after using the new face wash.

They made our men put on camouflage cream! Technically, us girls did it though. I believe all four of us had fun smearing designs on our men’s faces while they couldn’t do anything about it =D

All the guys were heard saying “NO BLACK CAMO CREAM” the instant they realised what was about to happen. But that being said, they were all good sports and let us have our fun. They also mentioned that camo cream is awfully difficult to get rid of and were pleased that Volcanic Red Foam did the job easily and efficiently.

Other than the girls giggling, there was one man who looked like he was having a good time laughing at his gender – Hansel, the marketing manager from L’Oreal in charge of Men Expert.

He shouldn’t have looked so happy. Us blogger girls asked persuaded coerced forced him into getting in on the action as well. The L’Oreal girls looked like they were having a  lot of fun decorating Hansel as well.

I wonder if he has noticed that there are quite a few pictures of his camouflaged face floating around in the blogosphere yet?

Hansel also shared with the other men the proper way to use a cleanser. For the uninitiated, you should foam your cleanser before applying it to your skin cos the tiny bubbles serve to pick up dirt from your pores. The tinier, the better.

All in all, it was one of the more pleasant blogger events that I’ve been invited to, what with engaging activities, friendly brand people and delicious home cooked food provided. Thanks L’Oreal!

Review on the products coming next week!

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