L’Oreal Men Expert Volcano Red Foam

I already blogged about the lovely event last week, so today I’ll share the BF’s review on these two products – Volcano Red Foam and Hydra-Energetic Quench Max.

[This is a way overdue post but can’t exactly blame me…. I’m not the reviewer this time around!]

Unlike us vain ladies, most men simply just wash their faces in the shower – some with just SOAP AND WATER, oh the horror! – and call it a day.

Volcano Red Foam is a great product for these lazy people. It’s clinically proven to remove 97% of oil (which was tested at the even and passed with flying colours), dry out pimples and prevent recurring pimples. Now, if you are a dude who was googling “how to get rid of pimples” and ended up here, I’ll give you a crash course.

What are pimples and how do you fight them? In a nutshell: pimples are infected pores that have been clogged by dead skin cells stuck in excess sebum, which is produced by overactive oil glands. Note to the wise – washing your face frequently makes your skin produce even more sebum.

L’Oreal put in three ingredients specially catered to help the male skin with this cleanser. Volcanic mineral extract which deeply penetrates pores to remove dirt and oil, salicylic acid which is an anti-bacterial agent designed to clear skin of acne-causing bacteria and treat existing pimples while preventing recurrence and peppermint extract for that cool minty feeling most men seem to like. The extract also relieves redness and itching caused by acne.

The cleanser is unusually coloured red, but turns to a whitish foam when you lather it up. To the discerning eye, it’s mildly pink as evidenced by excess water droplets as you wash your face. There’s no extraordinary scent to this, it literally smells like soap. The BF commented that this was easy to lather, smear and wash off but it left some not-uncomfortable tightness to his skin.

I tried this as well (you know, for those nights when I stay over and need to nick his stash) and agree with his prognosis – cleans well but leaves taut skin behind. I think I felt some minty sensation after drying up but truth be told, I only washed half my face so that could be my imagination.

Price: SGD $10.90 (100ml)

Why men need to use moisturizer: using one does not create oily skin, NOT using a moisturizer does. When skin is dehydrated, it produces excess sebum oil to compensate for the lack of moisture, causing skin to be oily and more prone to acne. Which brings us back to the over washing of face.

Hydra-Energetic Quench Max is an extremely lightweight… substance. From my picture, it looks like a gel but it turns liquid instantly when it touches skin. The absorption rate is amazingly fast too. Maybe it’s evaporation since it’s so watery… hahahhaha. The BF has no complains though. He likes the lightness of this since it doesn’t leave any sticky feel behind. I like how this smells too, like how a clean manly man should smell like. *sniffsniff*

We’re not too sure about the 24 hour moisturization but it does neutralize sweat and oil quite well. The BF was working on a hot and sweaty construction project during his review period and reported that his skin stay matte and shine free for up to 4 hours. As for me, I like the icy feeling it leaves behind for up to an hour

Price: SGD $23.90


L’Oreal Men Expert Volcano Red Foam and Hydra-Energetic Quench Max are available in all personal care stores and supermarkets which carry L’Oreal products island wide.

These products were in the  goodie bag from L’oreal Singapore’s first ever Men Expert blogger event.

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