[05 Aug 2013] Manicure Monday

I was going through my stash the other day while cleaning up my room and thought of giving/selling/throwing away the polishes I no longer wear or like. Two important things to note here:

  1. I hate cleaning.
  2. I have urges to paint my nails when I see polish.

Needless to say, room-cleaning died an abrupt death when I found a long forgotten Icicle by China Glaze hidden at the back of my drawer. This polish was released back in 2011 in their Let It Snow for Holiday collection.

Icicle is a silver foil polish that doesn’t look anything like it’s official swatch on China Glaze’s website. This dries super fast, applies with no streaks and you could get away with just one coat but you have to be sure to apply the same pressure throughout. I normally go with two though.

I streaked Icicle across the middle of my nail (not all the way to the end) and topped it with two coats of OPI’s Back Onyx for a creative french manicure. Doesn’t look half bad for a 10 minute polish job.
IMG_0276I wore this for less than a week though. I have mild painting OCD and the lumpy streaks really got to me. Not to mention my pinky where I brought in the black too close.

Icicle is brilliant at catching light so it’s a great colour to wear for the holidays, or if you’re attending some kind of sci-fi party.


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