[26 Aug 2013] Manicure Monday

OPI Shatter is an oldie but such a goodie. The crack effect just adds an extra oomph to any colour you wear under. It’s not the easiest polish to put on though. I rank it up there with the nudes and light colours. Sometimes when you want this:

You’ll get this instead:

Image from love-wasp-nails.deviantart.com

More often than not, you get a progression of nicely shattered to clunky pieces on the same hand. A tip to everyone, do it at room temperature away from a fan, and do it really fast.

I was in a really colourful mood so I broke out my never used polishes.

Left to right: OPI Black Shatter, The Face Shop PP408, Elianto Orange Red, Elianto Turquoise and two $1 unnamed polishes from a cheap beauty store.

I discovered that I actually like all the colours, except the yellow. It’s a little too garish for my liking. And it was difficult to apply. I had to put on 5 coats each for the orange and the yellow. I know I bunged it up but since it’s gonna be topped by Shatter, who cares?

End results:

I really liked this! I wore this combo (as well as the accompanying pedicure) for two weeks before I got bored. Quite a few strangers asked where I did my nails too *shameless show off face*

I’ll probably try OPI Shatter over some neon/electric colours next round.

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