Asian monolids.. We really need eye make up.

The terrible thing about being a typical Singaporean chinese girl is that I have the default heavy monolids. (And flat face and bulbous nose and lack of height. Okay, terrible things.) Very few east Asians have beautiful eyes like our Caucasian counterparts though. I just happen to be at the end of the spectrum.

I’m a combination of top right 2nd left + middle row 1st left.

Other than not being able to replicate the wonderful eye make up tutorials on Youtube where 99% of them require blending into your crease (I don’t have a bloody crease!), monolids can make us look tired and unlively. Which kind of explains why most of us local girls can’t live without our double eyelid tape/glue/putty, falsies, mascara and eyeliner.

I saw a picture on Reddit with the standard half face make up look and decided to blog about it today. I’ve done some photo editing to the following images… the original picture post by a “Munner83” can be found at the end of this post.

There’s a some difference in her eye size and overall expression since I’ve blacked out half her face. Contouring and highlighting helped her change a little but the magic mostly comes from double eyelid fakery and falsies.

A not so well digitally manipulated pic of how she would look like before and after:

Please pretend that you can’t see the white join and dark shadow. I got lazy to blend 🙂

If you drew horizontal lines measuring the actual size of her peepers, it’s actually similar. It’s that her make up adds dimensions and depths to her eyes. And now for the original:

Some days, we want to be that get-up-and-go girl with fresh skin and an easygoing mien. On other days, we want to be that all-out glamazon, stepping into a room with the grandeur of a silver-screen star.

It’s kinda great to be able to have two completely different looks when we want to.

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