Lip Stickers and Temporary Eyeliner Tattoos

Getting effects like the one above with traditional lip products would be nigh on impossible for anyone other than a dedicated makeup artist. So companies like Violent Lips have created appliqués that come in all sorts of interesting patterns, like technicolor florals, ombré oxblood reds, and flag motifs.

Many also make eyeliner stickers in statement shapes and colors, like glittery cat eyes and extreme winged styles. The idea is that it’s a more precise way to get a bold look without mismatching your pesky liquid liner on each eye.

Both of these products apply like temporary tattoos, but I’m sure you’ve wondered how easy are they to use, and do they really stay on. The folks at Buzzfeed test them out for you!

The general feedback from these ladies were that application was easy, but it was really difficult to cut a shape appropriate for your own lips. It didn’t last either and would crack when one spoke normally.

And of course. eating and drinking are totally out of the question.

Liner stickers got better reviews from the team.

These eyeliner stickies were a breeze. You’d definitely be aware that they’re there, but you kind of get used to the feeling after the first five minutes. And you can blink with no discomfort so that’s good.


Lips: If you’re the kind of person who is OK with your normal human movement/speech impeded for the sake of desertlike, crumbling Novelty Lips that last for an hour tops and are considered by most to be appropriate only on Halloween, you might want to invest in some lip appliqués. Otherwise, you should probably stick to boring ol’ Revlon.

Eyes: Attach some strange black triangles to your face for ~BEAUTY~ if you like, but maybe disguise the starkness of their edges with more liner, maximal lashes, and some strategically applied eyeshadow. (Come on, no one expected these to look “natural” in the first place.) Or, of course, wear them as a faux glitter mustache. The choice is yours!

Images by Macey J. Foronda.

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