Whisper Cosmo: Have Wings, Can Fly?

PS: Quite a few people have told me that I write way too much and they would prefer short snippets. From today on, all my reviews will start with a summary on top.

What: Whisper Cosmo Sanitary pad
Why: Redesigned for efficiency (3x absorbency up to 8 hours and body fitting) and freedom of movement.

What I think: Extremely comfortable and reduces bunching by a lot. Absorbency is crazy good. The wings especially don’t jab you in the thigh when it folds up. Design of the box is classy and futuristic.. pretty! Very affordable for one of the best pads I’ve tried.
Rating: 4* out of 5*

Where/When: Available from September 2013 at leading pharmacies and supermarkets in Singapore.

Price (10 pieces per box):
Heavy Day (24cm with wings) – SGD$6.50
Heavy Day/Night (27cm with wings) – SGD$7.90
Heavy Night (27cm with wings) – SGD$8.90

Are you ready for a new challenge – whether it’s aerial yoga, horse-riding, running a marathon, or even skydiving? Most women want nothing but the best of experiences, but it can be a shame when during that time of the month, we find ourselves feeling more concerned about period discomfort and stains instead of enjoying ourselves.

It’s time to throw all period worries out the window with the latest innovation from Whisper – the new WHISPER COSMO. Say goodbye to granny’s underwear during your monthly cycle, staying away from white bottoms, or having the horrors of all horrors happen to them –

3D Fit to body
LactoflexTM combines an intuitive tapered core with grooves and slots to give a critical 3D foam memory that fits uniquely to every woman’s body. This erases your worries about the pad slipping and bunching.
3x more absorbency up to 8 hours
LactoflexTM presents 3 times more absorbency than you may need even on your heaviest of days, so you’ll never need to check for stains or leakages.It’s bi-layered structure allows for rapid absorption by the top layer, and storage and distribution by the bottom layer. There’s no longer a need to keep checking and changing your pad.
360° Freedom of movement
LactoflexTM is specially processed and covered in a non-woven top sheet, cushioning skin contact and suppressing friction. This makes Whisper Cosmo so comfortable that you’ll forget you’re even wearing it.

Facing a lingerie or fashion disaster during that time of the month? Whisper Cosmo comes to your rescue!

Combining LactoflexTM technology with breakthrough design, Whisper Cosmo debuts a revolutionary double-curve wing shape that fits to the curvature of any underwear to provide sustained coverage. The pad’s asymmetrical shape also gives it a wider back, allowing for increased coverage and absorption to minimize leakage.

So be it tangas, boyshorts, bikinis, fitting yoga pants or white running shorts, Whisper Cosmo presents you with unsurpassed freedom even on your heaviest days.*

Available from September 2013 at leading pharmacies and supermarkets in Singapore, Whisper Cosmo comes three 10-piece variants to cater to a woman’s every need, both day and night.

These products were sponsored by Whisper Singapore.

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