BodySpark Shine Blogger Challenge

What: Body Spark beauty parlour for hair removal, eyelash extension, bust lifting and nail services.
Why: Japanese quality treatment and equipment for busy ladies to make their bodies more wonderful.

What I think: I tried 2 services – IPL Bust Booster and IPL Arm Hair Removal. The first was a great success for me, visually noticeable results after only 45 minutes and it has lasted for 3 weeks so far. Hair removal was nothing special though, except for the speed it was done at. I personally think this is on the pricey side. My therapist, Michelle, is excellent. Do look for her when you book an appointment!
Rating: 4* out of 5* for IPL Bust Booster and 3* our of 5* for hair removal.

Where/When: 8, Eu Tong Sen Street, #24-88, The Central Singapore 059818 Tel: 6225 0722. Opening hours Mondays – Sundays 11am to 8pm.

Price: SGD $469 for IPL Bust Booster.

Isn’t it funny how perception changes everything?

I received an email invitation to try out IPL bust lifting sometime last month and was inclined to ignore it cos there are so many Tom Dick and Harry (or in this case, Mary, Jane and Lucy!) body treatments out there. As per my habit, I googled a little about the brand that got in touch with me and found out that Body Spark is actually pretty popular in Taiwan, and that their technology/methodology is Japanese. For some strange reason, it having Japanese origins made me more interested to try this out.

I’m glad I did, I made a new friend! Hello Wai *waves*

The parlour is absolutely beautiful and extra quiet since it’s high up and nestled between offices.

Just look at the view you’ll get during your manicure/pedicure session.. damn shiok.

I had the good fortune to visit this gorgeous place twice – once for my super-exclusive-before-anyone-else IPL Bust Booster session and another for the grand opening, where I brought Herine and we both did IPL hair removal for our arms.

IPL Bust Booster
BodySpark is the first beauty salon in Singapore to offer bust lifting service through the use of IPL. Their equipment and technology is made specially for Asian skin which completely eliminates burning and pigmentation. This treatment took a grand total of only 45 minutes, of which 15 minutes was the actual IPL-ing.

From top to bottom are the different attachments for the services BodySpark offers: for the face, hair and bust. Also, the lens area is much larger than other IPL devices which makes treatment wayyy faster and actually has an rubber bridging to insulate the light, and to remove the necessity of gel.

I love how no gel has to be used for this service cos I really hate the stickiness after. And no safety goggles to mess around with my eye makeup and super long falsies!

What they do instead is use an ice pack to cool down the affected area. For me personally, there was zero pain, even though Michelle turned the machine up to the highest frequency. I kinda scared her though – she had NEVER operated the machine on high setting before… hahaha. All I felt was some warmth and that was that.

I also had a massage and a bust mask that’s included in this treatment. The products used were also top notch – SUNDÃRI, which is a brand lauded by many Hollywood stars. I had an all round improvement of 1cm lift after my IPL Bust Booster. This doesn’t sound like much but I seriously disliked the fats which migrated to the sides and back which have been forcibly relocated back to my boobs after this treatment. No more bra muffin top and bigger boobies!

For a 45 minute thing that reshapes my breasts, gives me time to nap during a mask and a massage, I’m a happy customer. If they have a package that downscales the price of each session, I’d say go for this.

I have no issues stripping in front of strangers cos I’ve had to do that since my modelling days but Michelle made me feel very, very comfortable. She has gentle hands and is super friendly + professional. For those of you who are shy, there is totally no issue here.
With the beautiful ladies at BodySpark. PS: Their scarves are from Hermes, talk about luxury and keeping up appearances! Told ya Japanese things are in a league of their own.


Opening special! Purchase any service and add a dollar more to enjoy another service. This treat ends November 2013.

This treatment was sponsored by BodySpark.

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