A quick look at Pokemon X and the 3DS

No Facebook. No Twitter. No Instagram. No blogging. No internet. That’s exactly how I’ve been living these last 2 weeks. It may come as a surprise but I’m actually more of a gamer girl than beauty bimbo. Or more like, I’m the type of gamer who paints her nails during loading screen/waiting to revive and slaps on a face mask during raids.

PS: Give me some social media love at my links above.. hey! That rhymed!

I’m also a huge Nintendo Game Boy fan… and a total Pokemon addict. *Poof* Did you hear that? That was my street cred flying out the window. Oh well, might as well go all the way. I’ve owned every single GB, from the original to Advanced to Colour, and even the recent DS-es in every single size. The only one I haven’t gotten is the 2DS. Same with the Pokemon game, I have every single release except Black & White. I should write to some game store/company to ask for some sponsorship.

My new console and its accompanying game taking up allllll my time these days:

I’m pretty sure there’s a conspiracy theory behind the release of Pokemon X and Y. You see, I strongly believe that the sales of Nintendo’s 3DS are nowhere near it’s sisters DS, DSi, DSi LL, DSi XL, etc etc. So I’m guessing that Nintendo probably paid/forced The Pokemon Company to make a game exclusively for the 3DS.

Case in point:

This was the first themed 3DS XL Nintendo has built since the new system was announced in June. Previously, Nintendo released multiple themed 3DS systems including a black The Legend of Zelda 3DS with gold accents, a white Monster Hunter 3G system and a blue Fire Emblem system. I really really really really really wanted this one but…….. I obviously didn’t manage to get my hands on a set. *sigh*

The 3DS

My first attempt at a non-beauty gadget review, so cut me some slack yeah?

The basics of Nintendo’s successful clamshell design haven’t changed too much since the days of the original GameBoy Advance SP. Mind you, that’s very much a good thing; clamshells work for a reason. Most importantly, they protect the 3DS’ screens from dirt and scratches, meaning that a case is not required as it is for the Sony PSP. Another major advantage is that you can angle the main display to be comfortable for viewing while leaving the bottom half of the 3DS at an ergonomic angle for the controls. On the PSP you have to go for one or the other.

I’m not too crazy about the LL/XL cos imma girl, and I have smaller hands. They are pretty bulky and tiring to hold but the larger screens are a joy to behold. I gave up viewing pleasure for playing pleasure when I chose the 3DS, and I kinda regret it. Some people like the joystick button which facilitates movements (and cuts down on callouses for the ladies) but I have always preferred the good old up down left right thing. The placement of this on the 3DS is rather awkward for me and can result in a cramped thumb after an intensive 2 hour session.

Despite the extra processing power in the 3DS, it’s virtually the same size as the DS and DSi. In fact, when they’re closed these consoles can be a little hard to tell apart, with the main differentiator being the 3DS’ twin cameras instead of a single one on the DSi and none on the DS.

As usual for Nintendo, build quality is very solid. The 3DS feels like it can take most of the abuse many people subject portable consoles to without breaking; the plastics are strong and thick, while the hinge offers smooth action.

Of course, the main talking point of the 3DS is its 3.5in top screen, which allows for hassle-free 3D. Due to its use of lenticular technology, you don’t need to put on glasses as required by most 3D TVs.

Does it really work? YES. There’s a handy little switch for you to toggle the depth of 3Dness incase you get pukey (which I do), a headache, or simply just prefer 2D. It’s really quite impressive how this very handy portable displays it’s 3D graphics. It does differ from game to game I’ve heard, and this is just my opinion from playing Pokemon X.

All in all, the 3DS is a sexy little piece of gameware that has excellent graphics and sound, a 3D/2D camera complete with bokeh, built in games and is sturdy like everything else Nintendo has come out with.

Pokemon X
What a long way this phenomenon has come. You might have seen this fan-made image doing the rounds. It shows five generations of Pokemon games side by side, a single picture – a postmortem of sorts – laying bare 17 years of progress… or the apparent lack of it.

What rubbish. You’d have to look for it, but the changes were there: EV training, natures, weather, day/night cycles and new elemental types. But in Pokemon X & Y you needn’t so much as squint; this is the giant leap for a series that usually takes baby steps. In fact, it’s the biggest change in Pokémon history.

The basics are still there – explore, catch, train, 8 gym leaders, Victory Road. Any person who has played at least one cycle of Pokemon won’t need a walkthrough for this. Some of the hugest differences are that EV training can now be done in a separate mini game called Super Training. It’s a merciless, brutal grind to get that perfect Pokemon but this is way easier than when we had to count how many Zigzagoons to off just to add a +1 to our stat.

The Exp. Share also comes into play very early in the game – after your first gym badge – and now works differently. Your lead Poké (and any other that come into active battle) still earn 100% experience but every single member on your team now gets 50% instead of just the Poké holding the item. Combined with Super Training, the makes leveling up weak Pokés so much easier.

Some of the other noticeable and enjoyable additions are Pokemon Amie (where you get to pet, feed and play with your Poké), mega evolutions (HELLO MEGA CHARIZARD *RAWR*) and fairy type Pokés (squee!). I love Amie, it’s like Pokemon Tamagotchi but with huge benefits. A well loved Poké will actually crit more, earn boosted exp, shrug off status effects and occasionally even tough it out at 1HP cos it loves you. All together now: AWWWWWW.

The Running Shoes have also been upgraded to Skates but 8 way movement on that is a pain in the ass, especially when you’re going on rails. Scratch that. 8 way movement on anything is a pain in the ass, which is why I prefer the old buttons. The Pokés now also faint with a sad look on their faces which I think is emotional blackmail. I get sad every time I down a Skitty/Pichu/anything else with a cute face. I intend to build a cute Poké team and only battle girls for PVP. I might win more.

This release of Pokemon is about revolution, and not evolution. It’s a must buy for any Pokefan out there. You could complete the entire storyline in 48 hours but there’s still at least 200 hours worth of gameplay to mooch after.

2 thoughts on “A quick look at Pokemon X and the 3DS

  1. Daniel says:

    Great job for your first “geek” review! Looking forward to reading more things like this. You give “beauty bloggers” like yourself a good name, proving that you gals are more than just bimbos. Cheers – Dan

  2. Jackson says:

    Got sent here by Daniel – thanks mate. He’s right, I expected less from a girl whose into make up and junk. Thumbs up for you mate. Cheers from Down Under.

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