The beauty of samples

Everyone gets little sachets shoved at them at least once in this lifetime when we’re walking around in shopping malls. As a wannabe beauty blogger, I get more than my fair share of samples from sponsors and sporadic brands to review as well.

This is just a very small portion =.=

I’m not even including Vanity Trove yet! I literally have at least a thousand sample right here in my room, right now and it’s tough to get around to trying them cos I typically go a week without my usual skin care regime before trying out a new product for review for up to a month and it’s not really worth the effort to do this for a 1g sachet sample.

That being said, I love samples though. Some of them are absolutely adorable, most of them are fantastic for trying before buying (and free!), and my personal favorites are the ones I bring along for travel or to stuff into my space-unfriendly Chanel 2.55. It’s pretty cost friendly to buy samples instead of full sizes though. Just look:

SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser full size: 120g x 1pc = $70 (120g)
SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser sample size: 20g x 6pc = $30 (120g)

That’s a clear $40 saving right there. Plus, there’s also some rumor going around that samples are made with better formulations than retail sizes….

Anyway, the point of this post today is to introduce 2 things – Beauty Bits, where I’ll be sharing short snippets about the samples I’ve gotten and Purse-nality.

What is your Purse-nality?

In collaboration with Honeyz Cube, I’ll be launching a brand new beauty subscription service later this month that changes the beauty box ball game.

  1. No more cardboard boxes – we’ll deliver your goodies in real, actual cosmetic pouches or bags that you can use (or sell!).
  2. Specific bags for you – The Artist for the make up junkie, The Purist for skin care connoisseurs, The Polymath for the fashionable chick with perfect skin and make up.
  3. Tried and tested products – The team at Honeyz Cube and myself are all beauty bloggers, who better to recommend the latest and greatest in beauty to you?

We’ve gotten our hands dirty and put together our very first Purse-nality bags in a special Christmas edition that will be available later this month. Expect big brand names from all over the world in our inaugural bag, so like my Facebook page cos that’s  where it will be sold.

We’ll be getting our first batch of stocks this evening, so keep a look out for updates on my page!

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