[18 Nov 2013] Manicure Monday Honeyz Cube x HKCplaza Pamper Party

Was invited to Honeyz Cube x HKCplaza Pamper Party together with Herine sometime last month and I had a pretty manicure done then so this post falls into Manicure Monday!

It was held at the impossibly gorgeous Nails D’vine. (So gorgeous I actually booked a hen’s party the week after at the same place!)

This decadent parlour has it’s furnishings imported directly from Europe to give it that authentic D’vine feel.

Honeyz Cube and HKCplaza planned a wonderfully indulgent afternoon for us girls – we’re talking manicures, facials and face slimming treatments, the whole shebang!

I didn’t have time to try the facials but you could – FOR FREE. (Read on further for details.) I did have a manicure though. How could this polish whore pass up the chance for a manicure right?

Tadah! My ruined manicure, thanks to Tuppy. There’s supposed to be 3 rhinestones on my ring finger but my baby dog ate 2 of them.

This design was specially created for LeeJiHam’s P. Antartica 77 Cream which I haven’t reviewed yet. Lots of freebies in this post, find out how to redeem your starter set for free at the end of this post!

Quite a few of the other invited bloggers had a go at the facial slimming treatment so I’m mooching a picture off one of them to get in you interested in the free session:

Image from Renzze.

Just look at Renzze’s jawline.. there’s a huge difference between her left and right side. (PS: click the image or her name to read her Pamper Party account.)

I also received one of the more generous non-paid review bags full of LeeJiHam products:

There’s like more than 10 things in there, and even a full size cream that wasn’t released to public yet!

Many thanks to Honeyz Cube and HKCplaza for this invitation… I love Korean skin care and this was a great learning session. Free manicure to boot? You’ve got me there.

Deals for my readers!

  • 20% off any services purchased at www.HKCplaza.com/Nails-Dvine for the first 10 readers.
  • Free P.Antarctica 77 Cream starter kit here. Oh, delivered to your doorstep too.
  • And get your V-line face for free when you register here. Absolutely no payment or hardsell involved.

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