Taking a break from ads

Did a quick count and my last 10 posts are all advertorials =.=

Maybe it’s cos I’ve been tied up with work and busy scheming how to take over the world make more money so I’ve kinda neglected this blog of mine and have become the typical beauty blogger who writes about nothing but ads, ads, and more ads. I’m not a huge fan of reading up about people’s lives anyway, so I guess I’m practicing what I preach?

Anyway, I’ve been playing around with Photoshop lately and selling my design services. I’m no pro but my masterpieces are rather palatable. Made an entire set of web design for Herine when I was bored the other day:

Facebook cover

Web massage menu


Yeah, I know its a little odd that a beauty parlor has skulls on its design. I was gonna do a flower trellis or starburst border but knowing her as I do, this suits her much, MUCH better. You can’t really tell but I had a lot of trouble with the balancing of font for this logo. I wanted something italic to counter the harshness of the skulls, yet had to keep focus on the key word.

Took me about 20 minutes but I finally ended up with 3 colours and 4 fonts in there. Give her massage and facial service in Tampines some support! Prices are on the low end and for a tiny girl, she has some mad strength and skills.


I also played around with a little bit of manipulation for my own contest on my Facebook page. Speaking of which, why have you not liked my page or joined my giveaway yet?

This was my raw image, taken with my iPad:IMG_1071

My good friends magnetic lasso, colour balance and many other filters helped give my products a little more texture and depth while adding oomph to their glossiness. I’ve found that shininess in product pictures add desirability for some strange reason.

Went a-looking for an accompanying background and accent corner, cropped them, scrolled through fonts and 30 minutes later, I had a lackluster contest piece.

Facebook decreased my resolution though, which explains the blurred text. Oh well, for a quick job, this isn’t too shoddy. Remember to join me at my Facebook page for giveaways and some damn good shopping treats!

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