Pretending to be ulzzang

(Yes, I cut this from my Kate Lash Maximizer Glossy Black EX-2 review cos *some* very annoying BFFs told me insisted that I should separate them.)

What’s a Korean make up look to you? For me, it’s the flawless dewy skin with emphasis on the eyes while keeping everything else bare or natural. That’s what my favourite Kpop stars are wearing anyway. And as we all know, the “natural beauty” look is often the hardest to achieve.

To start, I prep my face with these:

  1. Skin prep: Bare Vitamins Skin Rev-er Upper
    Smooths out skin texture and allows for make up to glide on.
  2. Moisturizers: Laneige Water Sleeping Pack & Make Up Store Ice Creme Time
    I use 2 moisturizers because Ice Creme Time has soothing properties. I have problems with redness that sometimes cannot be hidden with cosmetics.
  3. Pore hiding: Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever
  4. Lips: Boots Collagenese & Nivea Fruity Shine Balm

And now on to the seventeen (yes seventeen!!) products I used for my –cough– natural Korean look:

  1. Make up prep: Kate Mineral UV Gel Base & Stila Prime Pot in Taffy
    Mineral UV Gel is one of my go to bases simply for their SPF properties but it’s not that great at holding eye colours.
  2. Foundation: Kate Mineral Liquid Foundation in OC-C & Chanel Les Beiges in No. 20
  3. Shaping: CandyDoll Shading Powder & Benefit Fake Up in 01 Light and 03 Deep
    Why so many contour and highlighting tools? I have an EXTREMELY flat face. I use CandyDoll for my hairline cos its receding. Fake Up might be concealers but they’re also damn good at shading faces. The highlight properties are amazeballs.
  4. Brows: Elizabeth Arden Eye pencil/Crayon in Smoky Black & Daiso Topcoat Mascara
    Err.. yes, another of my using a product not as intended. Brow fixes are really expensive so I discovered that Daiso’s clear mascara actually does the job pretty well.
  5. Eyeliner: K-Palette 24hr Eyeliner in Black
  6. Eye Shadow: Kate Eyeshadow in PU-1 & PK-1
    I use the leftmost shadow on both palettes at both corners of my eye, last shadow on PU-1 on my crease and top shadow on PK-1 as a brow highlight/clean up. Look at the picture after this for the opened containers.
  7. Mascara: Kate Lash Maximizer & Kate Volume Gel Mascara
  8. Cheeks: Sasatinnie Gradation Blush in 02 Peach Orange
  9. Lips: Clinique Full Lips in 06 Mimosa Blossom & Victoria’s Secret Just Kiss Me! in Little Devil
    I tend to chew my lips so I like staining them with a darker colour on the inside. This also creates a gradation effect.

The open cases:

I’m quite a bit tanner than the regular Asian girl so you would need 1 – 2 shades lighter than what I used to get a Koreanish look. Go for a pink blush too – mine is orange based.

And for the first time ever in my history of blogging, a make up selfie! Here’s my completed look using all these products:

Hope you enjoyed one of my rare cosmetic posts, and discovered some new products today!

2 thoughts on “Pretending to be ulzzang

  1. Rochelle Lim says:

    You are very pretty (: I search for Kate mascara and saw your blog so I came here. I wull be reading your blog often from now on!

    • chrystal says:

      thanks for your compliment! makeup and photoshop helps alot – i don’t look like this naturally hahaha. i hope my posts help make you more beautiful =D

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