The Brown Eyed Girls and Plastic Surgery

Pre surgery.

Post surgery.

Hot damn. I want me some plasticky magic from Korea too!

It’s no secret that I’ve had “work” done to my face – I freely admit this.  Most of my tuning have been non-invasive though. Think Botox, fillers, collagen shots, etc. There are still many who think that aesthetic treatments are taboo though. I kinda understand if they squirm at the thought of knives and needles but I don’t get the point of calling it “unnatural beauty” and making unnecessary remarks about those who have undergone procedures. Pick any of their favourite celebrities and there’s a very high chance those people have had it done too.

But anyway, the whole point of this post is abotu Brown Eyed Girls, or BEG for short. They’re a sexy Korean girl band comprising of Gain, Narsha, Miryo and Jea. I know about them cos quite a few people have told me that post surgery Gain looks like me. And the BF says that Gain on We Got Married with 2am’s Jo Kwon behaves EXACTLY like me =.=

I like the fact that they’ve outed themselves and owned up to having had plastic surgery. I really like the fact that they’re making fun of themselves and even made a parody video about it! A total must watch for all Kpop fans:

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