Herine Beauty – Face & Body Pampering Facial

What: Herine Beauty – Face & Body, newly set up massage and facial service.
Why: Super affordable prices, convenient heartland location, service by a beauty blogger who definitely knows her stuff.

What I think: First up, the location is great for me cos it’s just in the next town from where I live. The prices are really attractive and would be something that I would pay for. I also like how many services are included in the pampering facial – you’ll have a massage and eyebrow grooming on top of getting your face done! Herine is extremely knowledgeable about the products that are suitable for a client or not and will switch stuff around to ensure that you only get what’s good for you. This is something that I don’t see in other facial places. You’ll get your money’s worth from the 24K Gold Beauty Bar treatment which makes your face smaller in 100 minutes.
Rating: 4*/5*

Where: Blk 825 Tampines Street 81 #01-62 Singapore 520825 (within J’adore Salon). By advance bookings only. Call 6781 5681 or message 91197712 for enquiries or to make an appointment. Or PM her via Facebook here.

Price: $35 – $75 for facials, $20 – $55 for massage.

I was treated to a luxurious and super pampering facial by my sponsor and BBF (blogger best friend!) Herine in November.

She’s started up her own massage and facial service in Tampines and before you make any comments about a beauty blogger venturing into places they shouldn’t be – Herine is a trained beauty therapist with a diploma to show for it.

Her room nestled within a manicure/pedicure salon is small, but clean, cozy, comforting, and smells wonderful with relaxing aromatherapy scents. I poked around her crash cart of facial products and discovered that she has solutions to just about every skin problem. Dry, oily, acne, you name it she probably has it and will use it on you.

PS: As a beauty blogger, Herine also gets lots of premium beauty goodies that she brings to her workplace to use on her customers…. #justsaying.

Back to the facial. I had the Pampering Facial which is supposed to be 100 minutes but kinda extended into 120 minutes cos I have extremely dry skin. This facial consists of the standard cleanse, scrub/clay mask, steam, extraction AND also has high frequency, eyebrow trimming, 24K Gold Beauty Bar + Ampoule treatment, mask plus a shoulders and head massage. That was a pain to type out but yeah, you get all of those in one session.

(Its usually not that bright, I asked for the light to be on for photos.)

After my cleansing where we discovered that I was extremely sensitive to the emulsion used, Herine chose a clay mask designed to soothe inflammation and my face felt almost instantly better. I had also requested for a mask that would draw out impurities cos I was harbouring TWO very unsightly clogged pores on the left side of my face and wanted them gone. Miss Magic Hands managed to expel one of them forever hahahhah.

The high frequency was a tad painful for me in areas as I’m still recovering from a bad breakout and am also on Differin, which makes my skin thinner. I could smell that my impurities were being burnt to death though. ME LIKEY!!

One other thing I really enjoyed were the brushes Herine used. They were uber soft and felt like kittens prancing on your face. Without the claws. Or weight.

During the regular mask, a specially formulated gold eyemask is also used, which I think is somewhat unusual. Most places don’t pay much attention to our sensitive eye area and here’s where her beauty blogger knowledge kicks in. There are also lip and neck masks available should you want them instead.

I hate to not sing praises of my friend but honestly, her head massage needs a bit of work. The acupuncture points were grasped correctly but just lacking that little bit of something. Or maybe cos I’m a blockhead. I liked the shoulder massage though. It unknotted my perpetually hurting left shoulder.

The 24K Gold Beauty Bar + Ampoule treatment is something that I want to buy for myself! There were visible lifting effects which led to a v line face and *gasp* MY NOSE BECAME SMALLER. Its a little bit ticklish in the beginning from the vibration but I would pay good money and go through that weekly to maintain a smaller face. This was definitely my favourite treatment.

Herine also used a boatload of ampoules on me cos my skin was drinking them in like the Sahara Desert. Seriously… Differin is a pain in the ass when you’re on it. So for those of you with dry skin, don’t worry. This beautician has extremely high standards and will complete your facial to her extremely high expectations.


This facial was sponsored by Herine Beauty – Face & Body.

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