[23 Dec 2013] Manicure Monday

Today’s Manicure Monday is a little bit special cos…

I made a video.

I intended to shoot a water decal vid on Instagram, upload it and call it a day but Uncle Murphy came along. It was a one woman show so I had to contort myself into advanced yoga-like positions to actually use both hands at once and certain parts of my recording were damn lengthy and I had to go into post production… *smacks self* Anyway, the video is at the end.

It’s my virgin attempt at water decal cos I always thought this looked super unwieldy and difficult to do. I received these 2 designs (I was hoping for Hello Kitty *sad face*) and the one on the right is extremely difficult to work with. Parts of the decals are white and the adhesive is white as well so I couldn’t really make out what exactly were the lumps of white. I wanted to incorporate both decals into a design but nearly blinded myself peering too closely so I decided to saving my aging eyesight.

Moustaches (mustaches?) are easy to use on nail art though. They work perfectly fine on solid colours or sitting on the join of a french tip. I didn’t want something that common though, so I’m wearing Sancho instead of Santa for Christmas this year.

First up, you’ll need the following:

  • A dish of room temperature water. Your dish thingy shouldn’t be too deep. You’ll be in trouble if you drop your decal.
  • A pair of scissors to cut your decal to size for easy handling.
  • A pair of tweezers cos your fingers aren’t gonna be dexterous enough to hold the decal.

The instructions on the packaging are in Hangul but I figured out enough to not mess up. Just pop your chosen design into water for 10 to 20 seconds. It is very important that the backing gets soaked through or else your decal is not gonna come off easily. For me, I saw some tiny bubbles and colour changes as the backing got wet and kinda played by ear when to lift from the water.

Just very gently push your decal a little to see if it gives. If it doesn’t, soak it for a little while more. If it does, DAB DRY and very, very, VERY gingerly slide the design on your nail.


Let me explain my shouty capitals. If you don’t dab, you’ll get globs of water and risk mangling the decal or it folding in on itself. This happened to be a couple of times. And if your polish isn’t a 100% dry, you’ll probably leave a few dents. Which is all fine and good if your decal is big enough to hide them!

You’ll be able to reposition the nail art for a little while before it dries completely. It doesn’t take long to dry out so just wait a little and paint a top coat when it’s ready.

And tadah! I have cute grouchy Pringles-like men on my nails. I dotted on the “eyes” with a gel pen cos they looked a little lonely just being moustaches.

Upside down, they look a little like frowning faces too. Which is also quite adorable.

Now that I’ve played around with water decals and have found out that they’re really quite easy-peasy to use,  and seriously don’t take up much time (like, 5 minutes max for one hand) I have an inkling that I’ll be buying some new ones really soon….

The polishes I used for this manicure are:Base – TheFaceShop Base & OPI Nail Envy (not pictured)
Yellow – TheFaceShop NO 561
Purple – TheFaceShop PP 408
Maroon – Sasatinnie FCW017
Turquoise – Elianto Turquoise 27
Orange – Elianto Orange Red

And yes, the pen I used is the one that bongqiuqiu raved about a long time ago! And here’s my first beauty video, shot and edited in 2 painful hours. Enjoy!

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