ZA Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge

(Note: Only 8 shades will be launched in Singapore.)

What: ZA Cosmetics Spring/Summer 2014 lip colours.
Why: Calling itself the revolution in rouge, Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge is a one-step lip gloss and lipstick. With its unique Glossy Colour Effect, this formula combines the rich colour of lipstick and the glamorous shine of lip gloss. The Ultra Fit applicator makes it easy to give lips the plump look.

What I think: Not the lightest rogue I’ve come across but neither is it thick. Which is kinda surprising given the colour payout which is rather true to the tube. The applicator is curved which fits nicely onto your lips and packs a generous punch of gloss with every dip.
Rating: 4*/5*

Where: Available exclusively at Watsons come 30 January 2014.

Price: $18.90 each.

Care package from ZA Cosmetics: Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge in PK 411 & PK331, Total Hydration Lip Essence, Lip & Eye Makeup Remover, unfoldable tote bag.

Hallelujah my prayers have been answered! I’m more a balm girl cos I hate the dryness of lippies and the stickiness of glossies but I need colour on my face. My go-tos are Nivea’s Fruity Shine and Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain but I find their colour too mild. With this handy tube o’ pretty, my lip woes have another savior to the rescue.

Offered in eight luscious shades that are formulated to flatter Asian skintones, think of the product as having two complementary layers: A prismatic, pigmented base sealed in with a glossy, hydrating topcoat. The magic happens when you smack your lips together immediately after application to mix up the pigment and gloss. The gloss layer rises up and locks in the lipstick layer after, giving you a shiny sheen with a burst of colour underneath.

I ate and drank with this on and my lips were still nicely stained at the end of my meal.

Other lip-loving goodies include a moisturising vitamin E and collagen complex to wrap up dry chapped lips, as well as a the signature ZA floral scent.

This lip colour also has adapted oil that forms a plump layer so that even thin lips can look full and kissable. Most other glosses have ordinary oil, which seep into your lip furrows and doesn’t do anything for evenness.

For lack of a better word, the applicator is kinda “scoopy”. It’s shallow at the centre and the curve fits rather nicely against my lips which makes for easy application. The well in the middle helps ensure that the important bits of your lips get enough pigment and shine so you’ll look sexily pouty. It’s also very soft and flexible which is definitely something that a hell lot of other gloss brushes are not.

ZA’s product pictures (the tubes above) don’t do Rich-Glam any justice. The lip prints in the second row are actual swatches I took at their Spring/Summer 2014 launch.

Other than RD301 and RS481, the other shades have a more obvious beautiful holographic shimmer in them. I read the posts of the other beauty bloggers who went for the launch and found out that each girl took a different pair of Rich-Glam Liquid Rouge home to review.

Boy, am I glad that mine are PK331 and PK411! I loved PK411 when I had the chance to wear it for awhile on event day and was seriously hoping that we would be given those. Not too sure if ZA actually tailored the lip colours for individual bloggers since they’ve always been wonderful at paying attention to each and every single one but I’m in a lot of like with my new Liquid Rouge.

The other beauty goodies from ZA:
Total Hydration Lip Essence
With a glossy and dewy finish while preventing dryness, peeling and vertical lines. Moisturizing effect lasts for 8 hours!

Lip & Eye Makeup Remover
Removes waterproof eye and lip makeup and leaves the skin smooth with no oily feeling with moist texture after.


These products were sponsored by ZA Cosmetics Singapore.

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