Body Spark IPL Hair Removal

I blogged about Body Spark’s IPL Bust Booster in October 2013 when I received a media invite for it and also had the opportunity to experience their IPL Hair Removal when I went for their opening party with Herine. (Read her account here.)

I’m really happy with the hair removal results even now (and Herine agrees) so I thought I’ll give them another plug. Nothing like sharing good service with my readers! Initially I had the impression that the hair removal service was nothing special but I’m gonna eat my words now.

Anyway, to recap before I go into the post proper:
What: Body Spark beauty parlour for hair removal, eyelash extension, bust lifting and nail services.
Why: Japanese quality treatment and equipment for busy ladies to make their bodies more wonderful.

What I think: I tried 2 services – IPL Bust Booster (link above for my review) and IPL Arm Hair Removal. Hair removal was really fast and painless, and has retarded my hair growth from October 2013 to today. My therapist, Michelle, is excellent. Do look for her when you book an appointment!
Rating: 4* out of 5* for IPL Bust Booster and 4.5* out of 5* for hair removal.

Where/When: 8, Eu Tong Sen Street, #24-88, The Central Singapore 059818 Tel: 6225 0722. Opening hours Mondays – Sundays 11am to 8pm.

Price: SGD $159 for IPL Hair Removal.

You’ve already seen the interior of Body Spark, the gorgeous view and the machine in my earlier post so let’s go straight into the IPL arm hair removal process.

[For the record, every picture in here is of Herine’s arm!]

First up, you and the tools used to shave off your arm hair will be hygienically sterilized with antiseptic wipes. I’m a little icky about the shared razor cos I’m used to the disposable ones in my regular place but it’s not a big issue. The hairs on your entire arm and fingers (if applicable) will be shaved off.

Any wounds, moles or pigmentation will be protected with stickers from the light so as not to damage your already injured skin or intensify darkness.

As with Bust Booster, absolutely no gel or additional substances will be involved in the IPL process. The same kind of machine – albeit for body instead of bust – is used. The attachment has the exact same bridging to protect your skin and eyes from IPL damage. For those of you afraid of pain….

…an ice pack will be used to cool down the area before IPL is applied to it. There was a slight sting for my on my fingers but for everywhere else, there was only a comfortable warm sensation. 

Actual IPL-ing in progress! The light is really not strong enough to warrant eye protection because of the specially built bridge. The entire process took about 10 minutes for both arms and hands, including preparation.

My arms were stubbly for about 3 days before my deadened hairs began to fall out. At that point, I wasn’t too impressed with Body Spark’s IPL hair removal but I noticed in December that I was still relatively less hirsute and did a comparison with Herine. She commented that her hair was also growing really, really slowly.

As of today, my regrowth is super fine and those hairs that have grown out have reached only half of their full length. I also have 50% less arm hair than originally which is an excellent thing cos I’m hairy like a monkey.

So yeah, this treatment might be a little pricey but with these kind of results from one session, I’m sold.


This treatment was free of charge because Michelle, my therapist, is a friend now and did this for me.

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