Trying to lose weight? Try the Hand Diet!

Experts say that a lack of portion control is one of the main reasons so many of us are overweight (or on the high end of your perfect BMI) cos many of us are eating way more than we should be.

I definitely overeat stuff like pasta and cheesecake but I cut back on other carbs and sweets for a balance. Here’s a handy infographic on how much you should be ingesting:

This information comes from the website Guard Your Health.

The Gastric Mind Band by Martin and Marion Shirran provide eye-opening examples of how portion control can make a huge difference to the waistline. Some of their pointers are:

  • Be aware that a teaspoon of ­butter (enough for a thin layer) is 37 ­calories, but a ­tablespoon (a ­generous covering) is three times as much (111 calories).
  • Put dressing on your salad, but learn to weight the vinegar in favour of the oil. A teaspoon of oil may be 45 ­calories, but a tablespoon is 135. That one extra tablespoon of oil every day amounts to a stone weight gain over a year.
  • Switch to sweetener in your tea or ­coffee. Cutting out two spoons of sugar in your tea three times a day creates an annual calorie deficit of 37,000 calories, which could be enough to shed more than 11lb.
  • Have ice cream occasionally, but just one scoop (about 150 calories) and never eat it straight from the tub. Enjoy a few nuts with a drink, but stop at one or two (a small 4oz bag will set you back 600 calories).

Kathleen Zelman, Director of Nutrition for the health website WebMD, has drawn up another way to manage portion sizes. For example, she says that a pancake should be no bigger than a CD, a bagel should be the size of a can of tuna and a serving of mayonnaise the size of a poker chip.

Follow these convenient guides to compensate for the overload of Chinese New Year goodies you gorged on this year!

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