The Roots Salon

After having written literally hundreds of advertorials, today’s is something that is extremely close to my heart. Introducing my new sponsor..

The Roots Salon

As a beauty blogger, I definitely have been approached by salons before to take care of my hair but I’ve always rejected them for one simple reason: There’s no one I trust to cut my hair other than Stella (who is the owner of The Roots Salon). In case you think this is another paid-to-blog ad, The Roots Salon has been my hair dresser since I was……. wait for it……. 10.

Yes, 10 years old. (Or thereabouts.)

You know how our mothers dictated what we should wear, what shampoo to use, where to get our hair cut when we were little? The Roots Salon was a very small start up at a bomb shelter in Pasir Ris close to 20 years ago (Good Lord, I just revealed my own age!) and it was close to my house so my mom gave them a try. She liked the service and the location, so we followed them to their new shop at Elias Mall when they upgraded, and shifted.

When I turned teenage, I tried quite a number of other salons but kept going back to Roots cos the others never really understood what I wanted and didn’t really care about the customer’s hair condition. So year after year after year I went back to Stella. She’s done just about everything for me – perm, rebond, relax, dyeing a multitude of colours, long hair, short hair – you name it, I’ve had it done there. Every single picture of me on my blog is their cut and colour.

It really isn’t for lack of trying that I think The Roots Salon has good service. The team regularly goes to Japan and Korea to upgrade their skills and keep up with the current trends. I usually go there and let them do what they want. Even when I want a change, I let them recommend and do their best. Most times I don’t even know what colour I’ll end up with. The owner also cuts the latest styles for me since I don’t really keep up with trends and I’m generally very happy with how I look like after. My mom gets nagged into trying new styles and when she doesn’t agree, it gets forcibly done for her anyway. She’s never complained. (Don’t worry, I’m sure they do this for super duper regular customers only!)

I wanted a change on my last trip there cos I’ve been pulling my hair back and am suffering a receding hairline from my taut ponytail so I asked for bangs. My goth wannabe center parting before:

(Greyed out the rest of my more beautiful friends!)

PS: I had a soft rebond done at Roots about a year plus ago cos I have naturally wavy hair and it’s lasted till today. I only have to flat iron the upper half of my tresses so that was money very well spent. Perhaps not as profitable for them, but hey – it works for me!

Stella told me that a fringe blunt cut would be too severe and recommended a…… something else cut that I didn’t actually know what it was at that time but I said okay anyway. I loved the results! It was exactly what I wanted.

This one’s extremely versatile and I can wear it side swept or like bangs. The cut is also fantastic, my hair automatically curls in to hug my jaw so I look like I have a smaller face ^^V

I think I might keep this hairstyle for awhile. Not just because it’s sponsored, but cos I think it suits this stage of my life where I’m turning 30 in a few months. I can style my fringe to look young, or more professional. I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not but this year was a year full of “wah you so pretty!” during Chinese New Year visits =D

So yeah, I really really do like having The Roots Salon do my hair for me and have successfully converted a few friends (and the BF) to patronize the salon even before this sponsorship. The way I see it, they’ve been there for me my whole life. Childhood, puberty, when I first fell in love, when I first got my heart broken, when I got my first job, when I had my first very-own pet and when she passed on, when I started this blog and my own business. Some day, they’ll be the ones to do my hair when I get married.

(Okay, I got a little bit emotional there. Seriously now that I think about it, Stella is a big sister or an Aunt. I’ve known her forever and she’s watched my brother and I grow up. Heck, I’VE seen her kids grow up! PS: She’s still damn pretty so if you’re a guy, you’ll have eye candy to see!)

Prices are extremely reasonable and they also sell an array of professional hair products. Add in their styling skills for any event and their convenient location, and you have a winner.

The Roots Salon is located at:
Elias Mall
Block 625, Pasir Ris Drive 3, #02-308 (Go up the escalator and keep left.)
Singapore 510625
Tel:65829763 or 65847002 (Do call and make an appointment, they can get very busy!)

Like their Facebook page here.

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