[10 Feb 2014] Manicure Monday

What: A.V.U (All in Value for U) Paris nail polish, the professional nail brand made by a 30 year old Parisian hands and feet products specialty company.
Why: A.V.U polish is a high quality and environmentally friendly product which experts consider and use.

What I think: Their care range is a little lacking, but the colours are not too bad. If the price point is slightly lower, I would repurchase their coloured polishes. More swatches of their polishes in the upcoming weeks!
Rating: 3* out of 5*

Where/When: Currently not available in Singapore yet, but check our their website here.
Price: Upwards of USD $10.90.

Two nail care products up for review today: Express Nail Pumps, a natural nail strengthener with express strength formula and the Nail & Cuticle Oil that softens cuticles and prevents them from dying out. While I like the fact that this brand is environmentally friendly, I think they could do something about the odour and packaging!

The outside packaging is professional looking and sturdy with a pleasingly waved outer piece that holds a slide out drawer where your actual bottle is kept in place.

It looks all nice and expensive but I had trouble with some of these packaging. The bottle was difficult to remove from the die cut recess and I had to resort to using the flap top instead.

The Nail & Cuticle oil did a decent job on me – not too oily, moderately softened my cuticles enough within 5 minutes for me to push them back. It’s been about 5 days and I don’t see any signs or re-emerging dryness so that’s fantastic. Whereas for the Express Nail Pumps…

It smells like body odour.

I’m sorry, but that’s the truth. I thought I was especially stinky on the day I tried this but later pinpointed it down to the polish on my nails cos I only put it on one hand, leaving the other hand as a control. There was no discernible difference to nail strength but it’s a handy base coat!

Last complain: I dislike their brushes. They have the old school hard bristles and most of us are used to the nice tapered brushes from other brands. I haven’t used their coloured polishes yet so I’m not sure if this holds true throughout their entire range. If it does, painting my nails is gonna be a pain in the butt.

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