Clio Virgin Kiss Lipnicure

Okay, I’m like super backdated cos Clio Professional released Lipnicure in Singapore like eons ago and I only got to play with it at Watsons last weekend.

But anyway – what’s a lipnicure you ask? Put simply, it’s a manicure for lips. I like having some colour on my face so I obsessively reapply lippies thoughout the day and I’m guessing that most of us girls do. This can get extremely annoying and repetitive and costly so Clio’s specially developed a long lasting and high intensity color for a flawless finish with a single touch upon lips.

They claim that you can eat and drink (and most likely indulge in some hot and heavy Valentines kissin’!) without budging your lip colour. The range consists of (in reference to the picture above, from top row left to right):

  1. Primer
  2. Concealer
  3. Lipnicure
  4. Top Coat

Available colours: #1 Trouble Pink, #2 Nasty Peach, #3 Crime Pink, #4 Cynical Orange, #5 Revenge Pink, #6 Rumor Coral, #7 Tension Red, #8 Guilty Pink.

I found it really interesting that a lip gloss has a top coat so here are the six swatches – top coat on the left and standalone on the right.

(Disclaimer: I found these swatches on the internet, I don’t know who they belong to.)

The pigments are true to their look and the Top Coat does add a wet look to the gloss which I really like.

It’s horrible on dry lips so do exfoliate and moisturize before wearing Lipnicure or you will end up looking like you have bits of coloured tissue stuck to your lips. The formula is very thick and takes a little bit longer than expected to dry. Brush wise, its manageable but not the best for contouring. The pink shades are buildable so that’s a plus since  you can wear the same shade in different ways.

I wore Tension Red from the tester at Watsons, so my review is from that one experience alone =D

The trouble came at night when I attempted to remove my makeup. Lipnicure IS UNREMOVABLE. The colour stayed on for more than 8 hours so that’s great but I don’t want to have the same shade semi-permanently tattooed to my lips for a couple of days! I had to scrub at my puckers with a soft toothbrush for quite awhile to dislodge the pigment. Plus point is, something so “tough” didn’t dry out my lips.

At least the folks at Clio realised that their Lipnicure performed a little too well to expectations and came up with a specially formulated remover.
I haven’t seen this around but I read online reviews that claim that this remover works. I’m seriously thinking about buying a bottle of Tension Red so I will if the remover is sold in Singapore.

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