[24 Feb 2014] Manicure Monday

I’ve blogged about A.V.U polish twice now (here and here) and finally it’s a proper polish post!

This is 1 coat of Buckwheat Cookie and Darling Bee.

With proper application, a single layer should suffice for AVU’s darker colours but I personally found the consistency of the light shades hard to work with. Its very thick and doesn’t apply evenly… really tested my patience!

My completed manicure – 2 coats Buckwheat Cookie and 3 coats Darling Bee, topped with some AVU quick dry top coat.

The top coat is a bloody joke – definitely NOT quick dry. It very slightly changed the colour of my polish too. Compare my forefinger to the rest – lighter yeah? That’s the one I applied AVU top coat to. I didn’t like how it muted the gorgeous green shade so I used Seche Vite on the rest.

This polish is pretty long lasting though. No chips or tip wear off in 2 weeks. There was some mild cracking on the yellow polish but that’s probably because I used 3 very thick layers. Would I wear their other polishes? Probably. Stay tuned!

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