[03 Mar 2014] Manicure Monday

A Nail Polish Trick for the Short-Nailed and Klutzy

This little trick can save you a ton of time in nail polish clean up! Take a magazine subscription card from whatever magazine you have laying around. Cut a few half circles out of the edge. Don’t worry about making them perfect. Place the first finger you are going to polish into half-circle that fits it best, inserting the card just slightly under the edge of your short nail. Even if your nail is shorter than short, you can make this happen painlessly. Now paint the surface of your nail, without getting it all over your skin.

Smooth Out Those Bumpy Glitters!

Love the look of glitter nail polish, but hate the way it feels? If you are like me, having bumpy glitter polish on my nails drives me absolutely bonkers. Resist that urge to peel by smoothing out your bumpy glitter nail polish. Simply add 1 or 2 coats of a clear coat over your nail polish. Cover with top coat as usual.

What To Do When You Can’t Open That Bottle of Polish

Can’t open your nail polish because the lid is stuck to the bottle? Don’t use your teeth! To unstick a bottle of polish you only need a glass of warm water!

Upgrade Your Nail File

Do you dread filing your weak and peeling nails? Here is a beauty expert tip: Try using a crystal nail file! Crystal files work to gently shape even the most fragile and delicate nails! The fine surface of the crystal file prevents splitting and peeling of natural nails. Plus, the files are washable and last forever!

Want Stronger Nails?

Your grandma may have told you to take calcium or eat gelatin to make your nails strong, but neither of those will be helpful. Instead you should reach for biotin to help your nail grow faster and stronger! Studies have shown that biotin also helps with splitting.

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