[10 Mar 2014] Manicure Monday

Today’s post is also known as “My Boyfriend Does My Nails”. Remember this manicure from December?

The BF was bitching about how it doesn’t take a scientist to apply polish and water decals when I was putting on my colours. He didn’t seem to realize that keeping within the nail bed is an acquired skill so I challenged him to do my other hand… to not-so-perfect results. His handiwork:

Apparently he cannot take pictures also. See that finger on the side =.=

Anyway, my right hand (your left) is almost entirely done by him – from polish to decal placement to eye dotting. I nagged at him for all 5 decals (he ruined 2 by the way) cos his hands turned into elephantine feet while handling the very delicate transfers. I had to adjust placement for all of them too.

I know it doesn’t look too bad from this picture but all the moustaches are off centre and my thumb was a streaky disaster. A close-up:

Note: I did not do any clean up at all.

I had to rescue and properly paint over the purple, orange and yellow nails since he couldn’t grasp the pressure needed for a smooth finish. To be honest, he wanted to give up after the first nail.

Now, who says manicures are easy?

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