2 Little Aprons Good Bakes

Public service announcement:
If you are hungry, go eat and come back when you’re done. Or have something in hand to snack on while you read today’s post cos you’re gonna be salivating.


Question first: Why does every single blogger/media event have cupcakes? I had the pleasure of attending Skincode’s inaugural Girlfriends Blogger’s event early this week (review coming.. sometime this year! Tide yourself over with my first Skincode review here) and guess what – cupcakes again.

They were by 2 Little Aprons, an at-home bakery started by a lucky woman who turned her hobby into her passion and her job in 2013. The packaging caught my eye (I don’t even like cupcakes, I prefer muffins) and I was mildly impressed by the good quality box, sticker, look of the fondant* and overall presentation so I greedily agreed to do a taste test.

* I assume it’s fondant, I didn’t ask.

The cupcakes do look very professional and tasty sitting in their placeholders don’t they? I would have thought that these desserts came from a brick and mortar store instead of a home-based operation if I didn’t know any better.

A close up look reveals how precise the design transfer is and the sheer thickness of both the fondant and… icing? Is that what to call that gooey deliciousness holding the fondant to the cupcake? Okay, I know I’m terrible at writing this review when I don’t even know the basics of what everything is but I do know good food from bad food!

Underneath the topper is a layer of salted caramel with beads of chai latte on a chocolate base. The other cupcake was vanilla with red velvet icing.

Both cupcakes had some weight to them and were firm and moist. They smelled really good too.*Noms*

I’ve come to expect spongey and over-aerated cupcakes and this surprised me. 2 Little Aprons cupcakes are denser than most I’ve tried and lean towards the consistency of batter bread. Those I’ve had before usually crumble or are rock hard and dry but this Chocolate Storm held its shape very well. Even the fondant bit was thick and firm enough to not compress into a sticky mess when bitten.

Taste wise, everything goes well together. The chocolate in this cupcake beautifully compliments the slight oversweetness of the fondant and the salted caramel lent its texture to the whole experience. I thought the caramel and chai latte could be a little bit stronger but then again, to each their own. Living with a BF who oversalts every damn thing has numbed my tastebuds.

2 Little Aprons also bakes fantastically visually appealing goods for special occasions too. Check out some of her designs:

Like awesome craftsmanship can? From big 3D cakes to little 3D toppers, shaped cakes and breathe takingly elegant pipework – this woman can do everything. And her repertoire doesn’t even end here. More at the end of this post.

I’m seriously considering making the BF get me one of 2 Little Apron’s cakes for my 30th (sigh) this year and he was surprised that I would deflect from my usual Hilton Hotel cheesecake. Simple reason really (other than the Hello Kitty)…


But then he reminded me that I’m turning 30, not 3 =(

Okay nevermind, I pick another one more appropriate to my age and is one of my life’s obsessions.

CHANEL CUPCAKES *omg dies from wanting this*

With 2 Little Aprons kind of skill, maybe I could even have cupcake toppers of all my favourite bags. Or even Tuppy cupcakes with his face on them!

Before I get too obsessive (I’m actually eating the Vanilla Red Velvet as I’m typing this – tastes good as well!) and forget to end my post, here’s how to get in touch for 2 Little Aprons for a quote on your requirements.

Email: 2littleaprons@gmail.com
Whatsapp: 9465 3883

They do custom cakes, cupcakes, pushpops, cake pops, macarons and even Chinese New Year goodies. 2 Little Aprons also have eggless and milkless options for those with allergies/dietary inconveniences.

Head over to their Facebook page or Instagram to look at all the impossibly gorgeous/cute/creative designs they’ve come up with.

# Abruptly ends post cos fingers are dirty from eating my cupcake omnomnomnomnom #

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