Ma Cherie Goes Green

Ma Cherie (which means “my sweetheart” in French) is a line of hair care that cares for your hair in the most luxuriously sweet rewarding way while indulging in romantic fragrances that lingers through soft silky hair. Launched in Singapore in 2012, Ma Cherie currently offers both in-bath and out-of-bath products.

  • Air Feel Range: Volumizing hair secret for flat hair.
  • Moisture Range: Silky lingering smoothness to treat dry ends.
  • Hair Treatment Range: Combat against frizzy flyaway hair.
  • Styling Range: Doll up your hair with ease.
  • Perfect Shower Range: Say goodbye to bed hair.
  • Hair Fragrance Range: Deodorizes and hydrates hair cuticles.

The secret behind these beautifully packaged and unbelievably gorgeous smelling hair care is Champagne Honey Gelee. Champagne (protects against environmental free radicals and oxidative stress), honey (naturally retains moisture and add shine to hair), hydroxyethyl urea (effective moisturizing ingredient) and inositol (vitamin B that softens hair) all work together to beautify hair by trapping moisture to tame flyaways, thus leaving it silky smooth.

This year, Ma Cherie goes green by introducing refill packs to their Air Feel and Moisture range.

Definitely more eco-friendly, and easy on the pocket too! No more additional plastic bottles that are harmful to our environment. The refill packs also come with convenient nozzles at the upper left corner to help ease the transfer.

Each refill is 380ml. Prices are $13.90 each for the Air Feel Range and $14.50 each for the Moisture Range. These refills are available in selected Watsons stores islandwide.


This post was sponsored by Ma Cherie.

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