[31 Mar 2014] Manicure Monday

Where has the year gone… it will be April tomorrow! I totally have no idea how Q2 sneaked up on me and how my Manicure Monday series has gone on for more than a year. I think I should seriously start looking for partners to feature for this column instead of just my own, and what I find on the internet. By anyway, can you tell what this is?

For the fanatics, its quite obvious. This is the iconic, timeless and oh-so-gorgeous Chanel 2.55 quilt before it gets made into the famed purse.

I totally love how embossed the quilting makes the leather and thank god – Japan’s latest trend is none other than quilting! There are endless design variations that I can already think of but I’m not too sure if  my left hand will be steady enough to manage the lines for my right. Instructional video after these pictures!

Images from here and here.

One thought on “[31 Mar 2014] Manicure Monday

  1. Rochelle Lim says:

    Wow the nails are so pretty!!! Japanese people are very good at this. But I have try to do the floss before and it din work. Maybe you can do a turtorial and show?

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