Luxury Brand Groceries?

Designer Peddy Mergui’s new exhibition “Wheat Is Wheat Is What: Peddy Mergui” opened at the Museum of Craft and Design in San Francisco and raises some important questions about the way we think about things and by reflection, ourselves.

By changing the brand language of common items, Mergui intends for the exhibition to improve the world thinks about what is: right, awkward, grotesque, etc., and how we may feel differently as a result of the changing the landscape of things, purely due to design.

His work includes objects like:

a yogurt container rebranded with Tiffany & Co. labeling

an egg carton wrapped in crafty paper wrapping exuding the Versace ethos

Ferrari tinned pasta

probably priceless Hermes salt and pepper

not-quite-Prada-standard coffee powder

gorgeous motif Chanel sugar

These objects aim to make people think deeper into “what am I obtaining when I buy luxury and brand name products?” and “why don’t everyday items look as good as this, when it can?”

Mergui is hoping “the seduction will present us with a mirror into ourselves.”

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