10 thoughts on “How to shop on Taobao: Agent 65daigou Review

  1. Janice says:

    Great review. I think for Peeka is also another alternative especially since they check your items before sending it over to you.

  2. darl says:

    well i have spending like thousandsss already thru 65daigou, my frank opinion,
    taobao is pure addiction, quality SO SO only .. unless you really know your stuff.

    65daigou? is juz another company making money here, send a broken box, offer 30percent discount make u feel good, or try arrange return, charge U agent fee, then say return period over … or seller object, simply no responsibility. it is always others problem courier, seller, process etc .. payment cash/transfer .. money out BYE BYE

    my xperience.
    2 to 3k sgd
    order thru amazon, vpost payment credit card or paypal, any problem halt payment raise dispute. no problem

    1 to 2k
    order thru qoo10, cash, installment , credit card … normally OK no issue .. qoo10 dispute and credit card co always there to support..

    taobao support sg credit card now .. sending direct also supported .. rethink ur opttion ..
    i m quiting daigou …

    • ethan says:

      I often buy things from taobao but i am using yoybuy.com I found this website back in 2009 and since that time i am using this website.I think this website is very helping and really good.If anyone really wanna save money and wanna buy from taobao or other stores in china then you should give one try to yoybuy.com

      • Shopattao taobao agent says:

        Hi,shopattao is a great taobao agent that can help you solve all of the problem buy from china,and the price will surprise you,it has the lowest fee and the best rate..what is more,it is safe,it is a good choice for you,if you want to buy cheap chinese stuff,have a look at Web:www.shopattao.com

  3. LIVIA K says:

    Hello!! I’ve recently ordered from them and I was quite worried about the 2nd payment. How do they actually charge? And from what I saw, the agent fee is $8 for the whole order regardless of weight?? Oh my that’s cray

    • chrystal says:

      Hello! The second payment is your shipping and agent, first would be purely item cost. The agent fee ranges from 4% – 8% based on your total spend.

  4. chan says:

    dear, just want to sharing, i been buy taobao item 3 times, but the order process quite bother me, lastly i met with askmebuy.com (http://askmebuy.com/zh/join/dfC) ,firstly i quite refuse to use them, cos i want save money for service charges, but my friend stronly recommend it, so i just try with started little small things, after submit order, they are processing my order within not longer than 7hour, the status just show waiting seller sent to their warehouse, [suprise!!] After reached warehouse, they provide us “checking item” and “repack service”, but this is just options, if you just want some order need checking also can, not necessary all item in 1 shipment you must check all (impressive)…this 2 things i quite appreciated, even the service charges not higher than what i expected…hehe..here their (Wechat ID: jim-heng), feel free to ask them o..

  5. c. says:

    shop with 65daigou? Nah. they have atroucious service! It used to be be good. Note, used. they got bigger because they earned more. therefore, service dropped. never going to purchase from them again!

    • chrystal says:

      I kind of agree… the service standard has dropped so much. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with using an agent cos my Chinese is really bad. What did they do to you, if you don’t mind sharing?

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