#11 with my #1

Facebook has something new this year!

I had this whole elaborate plan to message the BF at 2359hrs today cos I knew he’ll just forget the date. I’m really not the monthsary/anniversary/celebrate-every-shit kinda chick but there’s a new bag I want so….. yeah. I was gonna whine and sulk until I get that bag. Thanks Facebook, for cheating me out of a new toy.

On a separate note – I don’t know how this happened but 11 years baby. Our kid would be 10 this years if we had an accident in our first year. For every year my ring finger goes without an engagement ring, my demands for a diamond increases by 0.1. So yeah, we’re up to 1.1 carats now. Don’t propose to me for another 9 years please!

Okay okay, I’m kidding. (Not about the 2  carats – I want a 2 carat rock). Happy anniversary Pokie. I don’t love you.

PS: The picture was auto selected by Facebook. And no, the kiddie Kodomo toothpaste isn’t mine.

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