Savvy Summer Styling

Brace yourselves – we’re about to come head to head with the hottest months of the year!

It might be summer almost 365 days in tropical Singapore but that’s no excuse to make like a slob in ratty tees, grungy unwashed shorts and flip-flops. [The Bf says: “THAT’S WHAT YOU WEAR 200 DAYS OF THE YEAR.”] I say – that’s cos you don’t bring me anywhere that warrants dressing up you stingy couch potato person. But I gotta be honest. I do enjoy pottering around in the most comfortable (albeit unfashionable) rags I own during these miserably hot days.

I’m usually in shades of black and white but this summer? Color all the way baby! I just turned 30 so when better to flaunt my new-found “woman-ness” by going back to the tried and tested color clashing? And true to my style – everything starts from well groomed paws and to die for accessories.

Clashing colors can ruin anybody’s would-be favorite look, so it’s important to make sure you’re matched perfectly from head to toe(nail). If you ever find yourself wondering which shades to choose, just refer to this simple guide to coordinate your outfit to your manicure, and you’ll be set!

From 12pm clockwise: Miu Miu Embellished leather sandals, unknown top, Michael Kors leather continental wallet, Marc Jacobs color-block leather loafers, Converse sneakers, Kenneth Jay Lane gold-plated agate necklace, Proenza Schouler PS1, unknown accessory, Elliot The Captain cotton tapered pants, unknown loafers, J.Crew embellished top, unknown top.

Lacquer: butter LONDON


Let’s start real easy with complementary colors. Two colors opposite each other on the wheel generally pair well together and provide the perfect high-contrast look. I can’t condone wearing red and green together if it’s not the holidays, but you get the idea. Just be careful that the combo isn’t too obnoxious—trust your judgment on pairings.

Next, we’ll take a look at the my preferred subdued approach with analogous colors. These colors sit directly next to each other in groups of three along the color wheel. Many times, mixing them will help you achieve a monochromatic look that’s always be easy on the eyes. See? It’s not that hard.

Now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to get serious. While complementary, and analagous colors will serve you well, you might find yourself seeking a little more adventure from time to time.
Intermediate lesson 101: The colors in the blue triangle above form the color triad. Like complementary colors, these can sometimes look jarring and a little over-the-top together. To avoid resembling a piñata, try and go with colors that won’t fight each other too much.

Tetradic color schemes, unlike the pairings detailed above, team four colors together. These can be found by forming a rectangle within the color wheel, as shown by the pink lines above. They provide a mix of analogous and complementary hues—ideal for when you’re having a little color indecision, but still want to match.

Four color combos are not hard to achieve really. Almost every woman has that innate ability to put together this nearly over-the-top look at some point in her life. You think you can’t? Practice with Asos FashionFinder. Here’s my take on the best of clash.

Outfit #1:
Purple Flower Corsage, Pink Boyfriend Belt, Beaded Coral Ring, WHITE Sorrell Bag, FLORENCE Canvas Flower Gladiator Sandals,Anna Silk Maxi Dress.

Outfit #2:
Large Fuschia Flower Hair Clip/Brooch, O.P.I Hong Kong Collection, Metal Keeper Skinny Patent Waist Belt, Enamelled Ring With Metal Surround, Leather Large Vintage Frame Bag, Lady Dragon Pink Heart Shoes, Anna Silk Maxi Dress.

Outfit #3:
Orange Flower Corsage, O.P.I Hong Kong Collection, Metal Keeper Patent Skinny Waist Belt, Turquoise And Rhinestone Cocktail Ring, Leather Tooled Detail Purse, Anna Silk Maxi Dress.

Items from: asos, a|wear, O.P.I, question-air, Juicy Couture, Coggles, Vivienne Westwood & AUSTIQUE.

You don’t have to break your bank to get summer ready cos there’s Raise is a new marketplace where you can buy discounted gift cards to your favorite brands, and sell your unused gift cards for cash! From Nordstrom to DSW, they have gift cards to meet all your fashion needs. Particularly handy for me since I regularly shop online from USA sites and can get physical gift cards that I can’t exactly use.. all I have to do now is head over here to sell them!

Raise is also currently running an interactive campaign called “Closet Swap,” where they’re looking to hear about your wardrobe transition into summer attire! Summertime calls for a certain look, and they want to see what you’ll be strutting this season. Whether it’s highlighting your favorite patterns and trends, focusing on a few select outfits, or showing off some of your brightest accessories, Raise wants to see your creative ideas.

Closest Swap runs till June 7, and in the end, they’ll feature a collage of images from the campaign’s participants on their blog, as well as highlight some of their favorites. This could be you! Get your summer sass together and show us your style.


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