Are You Self-Conscious About That Scar?

Bio-Oil launches ‘Happy in my skin’ campaign to begin an island-wide conversation embracing self-acceptance on our imperfections.

1 in 2 women in Singapore is self-conscious about her scars. Based on a UK research, it was shown that 1 in 4 women suffered from low self-esteem due to scars. Low Hooi Wan, Bio-Oil’s Division Manager for Singapore and Malaysia, says: “During our conversations with people, we realised that scars leave not only a physical reminder, but an emotional one too. While sharing their stories behind their scars, we realised that it was also a healing process from the trauma they suffered. We want to encourage this healthy sharing habit and help people define and express what it means for them to be ‘Happy in my skin’.”

To better understand the impact of scars, Bio-Oil also spoke with UK psychologist Diane Mallaby-Kilpin. who said, “Common emotions (elicited by scars) include fear, anger, embarrassment, anxiety and sadness. In cases where there is a trauma, such as severe burns, car accidents, violent crime or emergency surgery, the patient will have to deal not only with the physical discomfort of the injury, but the psychological impact of the trauma.”

As part of the campaign, Bio-Oil invited some of Singapore’s favourite personalities to begin the conversation. They include, South African model and wife of local soccer coach Fandi Ahmad, Ms Wendy Jacobs, ex-MTV vee-jays Ms May Wan Teh and Ms Choy Wan Teh, as well as international media personality, TV host and activist, Ms Anita Kapoor.

The Bio-Oil team outlines some key tips gathered from the conversations.

Healthy Diet & Skincare regime
Taking steps to care for your body to facilitate the physical healing process are important. Good practices include maintaining a healthy diet rich in vitamin C and zinc, do not smoke and have proper skin treatment, preferably with an oil-based product. Research studies have also showed that 80% of women who tried Bio-Oil are happy with the results. Wendy Jacobs, an ardent fan of Bio-Oil and mother of five children suffered from hyper-pigmentation during her pregnancy said, “Even when you know you can’t fully remove those scars, when you discover you can lighten them – that is what makes you feel so much better already.”

Positive Associations
Some types of scars do not always hold a negative association, for example, a woman with a C-section scar is more accepting of this and may even be proud. It could be viewed as a scar of love as shared by ex-MTV VJ, Ms May Wan Teh on her C-section scars – a proud mother of 2, she said “my scars are the result of the births of my beautiful children and reminds me to appreciate everything I love in life.”

Be confident, embrace yourself and your imperfections
Mallaby-Kilpin says that acceptance is very important to embracing your flaws and being happy with yourself. We should see our scars as a symbol of our experience and part of one’s life journey, and accept that it takes time to heal emotionally. Ms Choy Wan Teh who suffered stretch marks from her teenage growth spurts, said, “Be happy with yourself and learn self-acceptance. It is okay if you’ve got freckles or stretch marks on your thighs from puberty, it’s all okay! Because, imperfection is perfection and it makes one unique.”

Contribute and stand for being #happyinmyskin
I’m honored to be one of the few bloggers invited to stand for being #happyinmyskin. I really didn’t know where to start from since I have many self-perceived flaws but I ended up picking the one that made an impact in my life. Once upon a time, I was bulimic, then anorexic. Here’s my story:

Every woman has a problem – imaginary or otherwise – and I’m no different. Personally, my stretch marks bother me the most. People always ask, “you so skinny why so many zebra prints!?” What they don’t know is that I used to be chubby and lost lots of weight through unhealthy means. I might be putting on weight again right now but hey, I am what I am so take it or leave it. The digits on my scale do not relate to who or what I am. And stretch marks? Those are my reminders for how not to put myself through danger again. And there’s always Bio-Oil to help with them!

It takes a different kind of courage to love yourself for what you are and these six ladies got their game faces on and accepted themselves for what they are.

(Mouseover for their stories.)

So what’s your story? Hashtag #biooilsg and #happyinmyskin to be part of this campaign!

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