MatchMove Wallet: Mobile E-Wallet

I am a shopping addict. I CANNOT stop buying nail polishes and bags and beauty stuff and clothes and shoes and… well, you get the idea. But the thing is, I do most of my shopping at brick-and-mortar stores cos being the auntie I am, I’m kinda paranoid about sharing my sensitive information online. Plus, I don’t actually own a credit card. I’m sure there are lots of people like me out there with a plethora of reasons as to why they don’t have plastic or make payments online. It could be paranoia (or kiasi-ism!),  age, income or myriad other reasons. But there’s now a superhero for #onlineshopaholics:

MatchMove Wallet!

If you’re 18 that is. And this is for you lazy bastards who tl;dr:

But you still have to scroll till the end for the goodies, hurhur.

Always at the forefront of innovation and technology, MatchMove Global has launched a mobile eWallet in Singapore which is recognised worldwide. A widely accepted virtual card will soon be the first of many innovative e-commerce products and services under the mobile MatchMove Wallet. It will then be launched next in high growth markets – Vietnam, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, and then moving on to Japan, Australia and the Middle East. The MatchMove Wallet has been designed to address the cyber security concerns of online shopping. No more worrying about Toms, Dicks and Harrys getting their hands on your information and going on their shopping spree. Their security features will totally set you at ease –

  1. Awarded PCI-DSS 2.0 certification: The PCI-DSS standard is awarded to financial organisations that are compliant with network data storage and security policies of banking grade.
  2. Pre-paid e-wallet system: Top up your card as and when you like.
  3. Dynamic CSC code: The MatchMove Wallet generates a different code for each transaction and is only valid for 10 minutes.
  4. One-time pin authentication (OTP): Before a merchant is able to process a payment, a one-time pin will be sent to you to your mobile phone to complete the transaction.
  5. Shield your real credit card and use it for your “private” purchases: The source of funds (credit card, bank account, etc) is kept confidential and never revealed to online merchants.
  6. No hidden charges: ZERO price dipping!

The other great part about MatchMove Wallet is absolutely no waiting for anything. Conventional credit cards take ages to get approved and could be lost in the mail/broken in half by Mr Mailman/eaten by your dog but the MatchMove Wallet is completely electronic and instant. Signing up takes mere minutes and funds loaded instantly when you choose to top up using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, UOB or OCBC. There’s also real-time updates of transaction details so you can say goodbye to shocking credit card bills. [But this also means the BF will get instant updates of  the new Bvlgari ring that I’m eyeing…..] And the best part of the MatchMove Wallet… NO HEADACHES #successkid.jpg

  1. Easy application process: To qualify, users only need a mobile number. No guarantor or minimum income needed.
  2. Mobile access, anytime and anywhere: Topping up and shopping using your MatchMove Wallet is at your fingertips. Do it on the go as the MatchMove Wallet platform is mobile friendly.
  3. Works just like a credit card online: The MatchMove American Express ® Virtual Pay functions just like a credit card.
  4. Get up to 5 cards for your family members and friends: Or all for yourself so you can segregate them into shoes/bags/beauty/clothes/unnecessary necessities.

But yeah – less talk more action. Let’s looky look at how this whole shebang works. They weren’t kidding. I timed this registration thing. It took me a total of 54.1 seconds to get a virtual credit card. Say what? I hate registration forms that ask for your every detail and your grandmother’s too but this MatchMove Wallet one just goes straight for the basics. Your name, address, a contact number, an email, a password and hey presto! You’ve got a spanking new e-plastic all set to dominate the world. The dashboard is pretty much dummy proof with clear instructions everywhere to guide you along. There are several topup channels that are all familiar names – DBS/POSB/UOB/OCBC, Amex/Visa/Mastercard and even our 3 telcos, though that’s still not quite ready yet. Good to know that it’ll be available though!

I was also pleasantly surprised by two other things I saw while poking around. One can actually set a “Safe Spending Limit” – this one’s gonna come in handy for parents who might give their kids some e-cash to buy MapleStory credits (I don’t know what youngins’ play now) or for the BF who is hollering over my shoulder “FOR UNREASONABLE GIRLFRIENDS WHO DON’T KNOW WHEN TO STOP SHOPPING LIKE SHE NEEDS 20 MILLION BAGS AND 70 THOUSAND SHOES”. Yeah… it should be pretty useful especially if you want to teach your child financial planning or are in need or financial planning lessons yourself.

And the other? Woohoo, super cheap deals! I mean, just look at bedding one. Under $40 for queen-sized sheets? Yessiree! It’s kinda limited now but I’m sure the list will be expanded as time goes on. If these are not your cup of tea, there are plenty of other sites that you can use MatchMove Wallet on since it’s practically an American Express card. Check these out:

Fashion & Beauty Asos | Zalora | Reebonz | Love Bonito | Pretty Fit | M)phosis | Net-A-Porter | Shooz 4 Kids | My Theresa | Luxola | Glamabox | Strawberrynet | Threadless

Travel & Accomodation Singapore Airlines | Silkair | Malaysia Airlines | Cathay Pacific | KLM Royal Dutch Airlines | Turkish Airline | Air Asia | Jetstar | Agoda | Shangri – La Hotels & Resorts | Batamfast Ferry

Lifestyle & Entertainment Best Bargain | Deal | Fairprice Online | Giant Online | Cold Storage Online | Drugstore |iHerb |Cathay Cineplex | Shaw Online | Sistic | Adobe | Courts | Vpost | Comgateway | Prince Flower Shop | Popular Online Bookstore | Amazon | Google Play | iTunes | Steam

Like practically all my best friends are there can?

What’s more, sign up is totally free for now AND you’ll get SGD$3.88 for every signup under your referral link. GOOD DEAL RIGHT! Make 10 friends sign up with you and that’s a sweet $38.80 – can offset air tickets if Air Asia got sale~

Register for your very own MatchMove Wallet or get updated at their Facebook page with the following links:


Happy shopping!

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