My Big Eyes Dream Event with Kevin Lao Shi

I haven’t been attending events lately (or blogging much, as you might have noticed – sorry!) cos my job is taking up quite a bit of my time. I’m clocking in 12 hour days 5 days a week so.. yeah. I’ve been neglecting this space. But when I saw an invite to the official launch of AB Double Eyelid Accessories in Singapore I was like OMG OMG OMG. Ever since my BFF introduced this to me a long while ago, this has been my go-to double eyelid fiber. I have hooded monolids so I can’t use regular tape and this is a godsend. I’ll talk about the event today and do a review on all the products they gave to me on another day.

The event was hosted by none other than Kelvin Lao Shi (squee!) who shared LOADS of beauty tips and relationship tips throughout the whole event. Although it was quite uncomfortable at the small event space at Sa Sa Wisma Atria thanks to the kaypoh aunties who kept pushing and shoving, he made our time enjoyable. It’s not the first time I’ve been to something that he has emceed and he entertains every single time. Plus, Kelvin lao shi is THE Asian beauty guru so stuff he fronts has to be good right!

He also did a quick makeup demo using AB eyelid accessories:

The made up eye so alluring right! All this model had on was AB Mezical Fiber, some eye shadow and a falsie. Eye makeup really does wonders for us sad monolid girls…

But anyway, here’s some of the beauty tips he shared:

  • Earth tones are one of the most popular eyeshadow colours but even they come in ‘Warm’ & ‘ Cool’ categories. A safe tip is to wear a shade that compliments your clothes. Orange is ‘Warm’ and Blue is ‘Cool’. Secondary colours like Purple & Green are a blend of Warm (Red & Yellow) and Cool (Blue) colours and thus depending on the exact shade of Purple/Green, can be used with both Warm and Cool tone clothes.
  • Curl your lashes before lining your eyes.
  • Use sectional lash curlers to curl lashes without disturbing your eyeliner.
  • Line the inner corner of your eyes by placing your mirror underneath your face and look down while lining. This puts your eye in a comfortable position and you would not expose your eyeball to too much air that can cause you to blink.
  • If you get mascara onto the skin, just wait for it to dry a little then dab it away with a cotton swab. If you are afraid of getting mascara onto your skin, use a name card, cut it to the contours of the eye then place it underneath the lashes and mascara away.
  • Apply mascara on the top of fake lashes (recommended only for very natural looking lashes) after applying it onto your eyelids to fuse your real lashes with the fake lashes . This action makes them look fuller and more realistic. Comb the tip out with a steel lash comb.
  • To balance out fake lashes, you can trim the inner corners of the fake lashes with a mini scissors. Remember to trim them in a vertical motion to avoid chopping both your fake and real lashes into a weird straight line.

From left to right –

Eyelash Wick $16.90, Double Eye Liquid $19.90, Single Eye Tape $19.90, Double Eye Tape $23.90, Natural Eye Tape $19.90, Mezical Fiber 2 $28.90.

These beauty goodies are exclusively available at Sa Sa stores in Singapore. And when you’ve gotten your hands on them… do remember to take part in this contest!

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