A blogger’s nightmare.


Last Sunday, every blogger’s worst scenario came true for me – I lost my blog.

I had just happily scheduled an advertorial for fact checking by a client and was clearing up my comments backlog when I saw the dreaded message: “Your blog has been suspended.”

I had no access to my posts or anything on my dashboard. I was completely shut out and I didn’t even know what I did. The only thing I could do was to send an SOS to WordPress’s generic support email address and hope for the best. Meanwhile, I Googled to see if there were any others who were experiencing what just happened to me to no avail.

I panicked. I had about 9 advertorials scheduled (some of which had already been paid for in cash). I had a tonne of sponsored products that I intended to blog about, and some of the were super high end ranges that cost about $500 for four products. How would I answer to those brands who decided to put their trust in me?

I was pissed too. I don’t consider myself a “blogger”, but I put in some goddamn hard work into building up my SEO and learning how to write appealing content. I might have started this blog to understand how to treat bloggers better (I’m a marketer in real life) but this domain has become a part of my life that I won’t easily give up. I suffered from blog withdrawal for the week my space was down. I missed writing posts and looking at comments and refreshing my statistics every hour to see if I would break the 3000 daily pageviews mark. I never thought I would upkeep a beauty blog for this long – I’m in my third year now – but it has been more fun* than I ever imagined. I assumed that I would go back to prose and poetry and emo shit just six months into beauty blogging. But I’m still here, and the loss of my blog hurt.

* disclaimer: yes, fun includes all the fantastic freebies I get to play with on a regular basis. I try more products in a week than most normal women do in 3 months.

Anyway, I got my reply from WordPress and had to wait a couple of days inbetween while fighting for a reinstatement but its all good, I’m back online now. I’ve lost quite a big chunk of views for this month and my organic search results has taken a major hit but I’m positive that things will be back to normal in a couple of weeks.

I’ve got to shuffle some of my posts and get in touch with some advertisers I neglected during Hell Week but I’m back again now.

Thank you to all the wonderful friends, family and readers who sent me messages of concern over my blog disappearance. I’m stunned at the amount of emails and Facebook messages I’ve received. You guys rock!

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