VanityTrove Men’s Folio Exclusive Trove

Got a special surprise for the men in my life! I did a quick intro to this Trove in my last VanityTrove post and thought that it looked like an absolute steal stuffed to the gills with goodies so yeah… the father, the brother and the BF benefits from this.

I loved how the Trove design changed from their typical champagne and gold slide out drawer to this majestic flip-top box. My dad has commandeered the package and keeps his watches inside…. the bro and the BF wanted this trove to do the exact same thing. Seniority wins, so the Men’s Folio has a new home in my dad’s He-Man cave! isn’t just a female-only site though. There are quite a number of men product reviews on there so its a great place for the Martians to get information on what to buy/wear instead of being clueless. (Or, to get inspiration on what to buy for your special female friend.

First impression (from the BF): WAH.

Then there was a mad rush with six male arms grabbing what they wanted and I was left with an empty box, and annihilated stuffing. The BF went straight for the LAB Series, my bro got smacked in the face by a stray arm, and the father very intelligently took the entire Trove away. I had to give them all THE EYE cos I hadn’t taken pictures and needed the products back.

[My baby dog then happily galloped over and decided that the crackly sounds from the Gatsby Paper meant that it would make a good toy. He took it away. I let him have it. The other three human males were unamused at the unfairness.)

Anyway, one look and its obvious that $19.90 is a crazy price for this. Half sized LAB Series? The full one costs $41. Think about it. And drum roll please… the “winners” for the products!

Took these few as my commission ^^v

  • GoodSkin Labs Instant Pore Refiner (Sample)/li>
  • GoodSkin Labs Eye Lift Day Gel (Sample)/li>
  • GoodSkin Labs Circle Reducer Night Balm (Sample)
  • Dad – Ahava MEN Men’s Exfoliating Cleansing Gel (Travel Size 20ml)
  • Dad – Caboki Hair Loss Concealor (Travel)
  • Dad – Natio Energise Body Wash (Travel)
  • BF – Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturizer SPF35 PA +++ (Sample 5ml)
  • BF – Lab Series Instant Moisture Gel (Sample 5ml)
  • BF – Lab Series Multi-action Face Wash (Travel 50ml)
  • BF – Lab Series Water Lotion (Travel 50ml)
  • Bro – Dr.G Perfect Pore Cover BB Cream (Sample 5ml)
  • Bro – Neogence Ace Renewal & Repairing Mask (Full Size)
  • Bro – Neogence Aminoacid Cleansing Mousse (Travel)
  • Bro – Gatsby Styling Gel Super Hard (Travel)
  • Tuppy – Gatsby Paper 5S (Full Size)
    Okay, to be serious I use this so yeah, I confiscated this as well.

The full value of this Men’s Folio Exclusive Trove is $130, but you can get one at only $19.90 when you enter “FATHERSDAY14” at checkout!

There are two other special troves on sale as well, and one of them is an unprecedented services trove that offers a massage, a facial, various slimming treatments, bust boosting treats AND beauty samples.

VanityTrove GSS Ultimate Beauty Services Exclusive Trove
Enter VTBEAUTYSERVICES to purchase at $79.90!
>> Contents <<

VanityTrove GSS Skin Glow Trove
Enter VTGLOW to purchase at $30!
>> Contents <<

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