sOmang ONL Midnight Hydro Intense Sleeping Cream

The Hydro Intense Sleeping Cream is a light water-based gel cream that provides deep hydration with anti-wrinkle and whitening effect while you are in deep relaxation. It forms a layer of protection that increases skin moisture retention and elasticity. This product promises a relaxed sleep and waking up to beautiful skin the next morning!

I’ve heard my blogger friends raving about this so this was the one product that I eagerly tried from a sample in my Vanity Trove.

Looks and feels like a gelatinous putty like substance but this instantly turns to liquid upon application. It absorbs very very quickly but does leave a slight waxy and mildly greasy feel behind. It’s extremely comfortable on my skin though. Most girls have complimented the flowery scent of this sleeping cream and I’m almost the same – just that I think this smells like the BF’s fabric softener (in a good way) and gives me a comforting feel =)

It holds its own against my Laneige Sleeping Pack so full marks for it’s  moisturizing properties since I have super dry skin.

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