We are not asking for it.

Sexual abuse (which includes rape, molestation, verbal abuse and even innuendo) is a topic that is extremely close to my heart. I just wanted to share this campaign with everyone reading my blog. Some of us girls (and some of the guys!) dress scantily, agree to a drink, or let you put your arm around our shoulder. That means we know what looks best on us, we’re being friendly, and maybe we’re too awkward to tell you to shift your arm somewhere else.

It does not mean that “we are asking for it”. 

When you pay for dates, give us a ride home or do a favour for us, we think that you are being a gentleman.

It never once occurs to us that “we owe you”.

I am no way a feminist but I’ve heard more than my fair share of “if you insist on wearing a miniskirt/low cut top, you are asking for me to degrade you with insults and touch you”. I have also had more than a few friends wake up with unexplainable aches and pains in their bodies after a night of hard drinking. Just stop when we say stop. And don’t even start at all when we are not in the right minds to say NO.

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