What: P.ANTARCTICA 77 Cream by Lee Ji Ham (LJH Cosmetics) is a Korean skin care that’s an essential natural face cream for dryness.

Why: The revolutionary skin care ingredient is a micro-organism which has the unique ability to retain water by forming a moisture coat on the surface of the skin to improve its softness and suppleness.

What I think: I love that this has au naturale ingredients! It does its job well for a moisturizer but this can be tricky to incorporate into your regime if you have a complicated long list of products that you slather on daily.

Rating: 3*/5*

Where: Buy here, or check for addresses of physical stores.
Price: SGD 26.00

*Disclaimer: My next 10 or so posts will start with “sorry” cos I didn’t know that I had a paper bag of unreviewed items that dropped behind my headboard*

So yes… sorry LJH, HKCplaza and Honeyz Cube! This one is wayyyy overdue – I think I received this in October last year? I think I blogged about the Honeyz Cube Tea Party and that was that. Plus, HKCplaza actually sent me a box of goodies that a couple of months ago that’s in the same unreviewed paper bag…. I’m extremely ashamed of myself =(

Another disclaimer: I don’t know if bloggers other than Herine and myself have this habit, but we both note down (her in her notebook, me in my iPad) our thoughts on whatever we are reviewing throughout the trial period. I take pictures before I start using the actual products and leave the boxes in my paper bag, which explains why I forget to blog about stuff!

The P.ANTARCTICA 77 Cream launched *whispers* 10 months ago at the lovely HoneyzCube x HKXplaza party at nails D’vine (blogged about here).

They celebrated this launch with lots of pampering – facials, manicures, nibbles, you name it we had it.

The cream consists of 77% P.Antarctica, a microorganism that grows at minus 20 degrees in the Antarctic glaciers, as well as ice plant extracts and baobab tree extract. These ingredients provide emollient properties by forming a moisture coat on the surface of the skin to improve its softness and suppleness.

It also includes sage leaf extract that is effective in tightening pores and soothing irritated skin. On top of these nourishing ingredients, the cream also contains madecasic acid from centella asistic extract that is great for fading scars and promoting skin regeneration.

And it is free of paraben, mineral oil, artificial color, ethanol, fragrance, animality and T.E.A.

Here’s its full ingredients list – Pseudoalteromonas ferment extract, glycerin, leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate, centella asiatica extract, salvia officinalis (sage) leaf extract, mesembryanthemum crystallinum extract, hydrolyzed adansonia dgitata extract.

Its way lighter than it looks and spreads evenly while absorbing quickly. And no surprises here – there is a wonderful cooling sensation as it gets into your skin. Do this infront of an aircon and you can pretend that you really are in the Antarctica.

I like the fresh, clean and flowery smell of this cream. It does help to soothe red spots but the moisturizing properties are just slightly lacking for my skin type. I have dehydrated skin and the P.ANTARCTICA 77 Cream didn’t quite manage to salvage the desert that is  my U-line and the sides of my nose. Everywhere else worked great though.

This cream also doesn’t really play well with a regime that contains various products from various brands. I had some mild breakout on my T-zone the first few days I used this but a quick google showed that the less products you mix while using this, the better.

To be honest, I didn’t see any miracles or improvements for the 2 weeks I was on this but its largely due to the fact that my skin type needs a lot of moisture. I used this on my neck once I was done with my trial period and the skin there became soft and velvety to the feel though.

Not ready to spend on a full sized P.ANTARCTICA 77 Cream yet? Redeem your starter kit here!


This product was sponsored by HKCplaza.

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