Campbell’s Instant Soup Mushroom Pasta

I’m a huge fan of instant or microwaved shortcuts cos I don’t get much time to cook when I get home so… hello unhealthy and not very nutritious but tasty food. My cupboard is FULL of instant noodles. I estimate that I probably have easily 60 assorted packets right now? So yeah, I’m always on the lookout for different kind of cheats that takes me just a minute or two to whip up in the kitchen. Don’t play play okay, I can make a 3 course meal using just my microwave.

Most likely I suaku (translation: mountain tortoise, meaning: not very well informed or backward) but I’ve never seen this Campbell’s Instant Soup Mushroom Pasta in our local supermarkets before. I know there are the canned types and the other more common powder mix but I only saw this when I went to Tesco Tebrau in Malaysia.

(I do some of my grocery shopping in Malaysia when I want a break from Singapore and go across the Causeway for a weekend trip.)

Since it was going for RM2 for two boxes of 3 sachets each, I snapped up ten boxes since it looked like a good deal. And hey presto! This goes for S$2.45 per box on Redmart. Bargain hunting success!

Excuse the picture quality – I wasn’t planning to blog this and was only showing the BF of the contents.

The insides surprised me. I did not expect to see pieces of fusili among other dehydrated ingredients like meat and vegetables. On the contrary, there was a noticeable lack of mushroom bits for a soup that calls itself mushroom soup.

I was also a little curious about how the pasta could cook all the way through when the preparation only involves pouring in some hot water. But anyway, this is a Campbell’s mushroom soup, the tried and tested staple of all soups, so how bad could it get right?

As expected, the centers of the pasta were a tad on the crunchy side but nothing that prolonged steeping can’t solve. There’s a generous amount of pasta in there, I guesstimate slightly over a tablespoon’s full?

It was a mildly lacking in taste for me cos I put in too much water (when my pasta was still hard and my liquid had cooled, so I added in boiling water) but for some strange reason, this did fill me up. And I eat like I have worms in my tummy.

This is not as hearty as the canned mushroom soup I’m used to but it does make for a quick meal that is not exactly unpleasant nor pleasant. There’s a weird disconnect when you take in a mouthful of soup, pasta and other ingredients like carrots and mushroom. Like.. it tastes fine but its not inspiring.

I probably would buy this again if I see it on offer but I’ll take the can over this any day.

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