Star Lash Perfect Touch Eyeliner WP / Chacott Finishing Powder

Pretty pink care package from Beauty Direct (, for those of you absolutely too lazy to type the URL)!

I truly am a Star Lash fan, I insist on using only their glue and their Princess falsies. You don’t know how sad and frantic I was the day I found out that Watsons no longer carries their brand. I had an event to go to the next day and ran out of glue. I scoured 3 Watsons stores before I remembered that the BHG at Tampines has Star Lash products. And I choose their lashes for one simple reason – I can’t use falsies with thin lash bones cos I have hooded monolids. I need lashes with sturdy bones to push up my lids and give me the play-cheat double eyelid effect!

What’s in there:

  • Two yummy cakepops by #cakesbynazirahkhan which the BF later stuck candles into cos this arrived on my actual birthday and the cheapo didn’t want to buy me a cake
  • Star Lash Perfect Touch Eyeliner WP
  • Chacott Finishing Powder

Not a secret that I’m Eyeliner Queen – I consume at least 2.5 eyeliners a month – so I have a very stringent checklist when it comes to this makeup step.

Disclaimer before I start this review: I use so much eyeliner because in order to get that thick line you see in the right picture, I literally have to draw a 1cm thick line. No joke. Search my blog for “eyeliner” and go for the advertorial by another brand. You’ll see exactly how much liner I need.

The Star Lash Perfect Touch Eyeliner WP claims to give you the perfect slick liquid black to line your eyes with. It features a pointed felt tip, which helps you with precise application. Eyeliner gurus can just about create any look with this tip that lets you control how bold, or fine you want your look to be.

It also has a lasting glossy finish that stays on without smudging even after long wear.

What I love about this Star Lash Perfect Touch Eyeliner is that it’s BLACK. Compared to another popular brand (that starts with “K” and is a Japanese brand, and which I’ve used for comparison in the picture on the right bottom line), the colour payoff is fantastic.

I cannot stress how difficult it is to find a truly black liner. And guess what, the Perfect Touch Eyeliner needs only one application for me to achieve this deep, dark black. And it doesn’t bleed. Or smudge. And it has a glossy finish. And it stays on forever. I would completely switch over to this if not for the two things that I have to minus a few points for.

The tip is rather stiff and it can hurt a little. I’m not sure if I unfortunately got a faulty one but the bristles on mine separated after my first use so there was always just that 3mm of bristle that stuck out and poked me in the eyelid every time I used it. I actually managed to cut myself with an eyeliner but then again, that’s just me. I’ve had cuts which handling tofu.

The other part is a good/bad thing – the pigment multiplies by a hundred when I try to remove it. I more or less can cover my entire face in a sheen of gray if I wanted to just from two eyeful of eyeliner. It can get a little annoying when I use micellar water instead of proper make up removers but hey, I’m still happily using the Perfect Touch Eyeliner so this counts for something right? The pros far outweigh the cons and I would purchase this if I ran out of eyeliners.

Buy online here.
Price: S$18.90

Sorry, I didn’t brighten this picture cos this is the only way you can see how fine the Chacott Finishing Powder is. It’s so crazy fine you could almost mistake this for icing sugar.

If you’re not familiar with Chacott, it’was originally created for the needs of the ballet stage. Today, Chacott For Professionals range has now found fans in stage performers, celebrities and professional makeup artists. I’ve blogged about them before and you can read more here if you’re interested.

I hoorayed a little when I saw this in my parcel cos I’ve seen the Chacott Finishing Powder in the girly magazines but never went to buy to try it, which I’ll explain later. I really wanted to play with this because I saw that this won Cleo’s Hall of Fame and Nylon’s Beauty Hit List (Reader’s Choice) this year. For a newcomer into the beauty industry, this is a huge achievement. Chacott Finishing Powder has also been awarded several Japanese cosmetics awards and we all know how tough those folks are on what they put on their faces.

At first I was quite iffy at the thought of using this on my face cos I’m naturally tanner than the average girl. Check out how white it is against my skin (and again, how fine it is)! The BF thought I was doing some talcum powder ad when I was taking pictures too.

Opening the container can be an all out clear-the-area affair due to the sheerness of this powder. The checklist as follows: Is my fan on? Am I in the path of my aircon? Do I need to sneeze? Is my dog wagging his tail nearby? The Chacott Finishing Powder is so minuscule that it actually seeps into the tiny space inbetween the cap and the container even when its screwed on tightly so with every opening, I do it on an artcard so I can brush on whatever fell off hahaha. As long as I don’t bring this out and let it get all tumbled around in my bag, everything is all and well.

When I finally took the plunge and put it on my face, I was pleasantly surprised.

The Chacott Finishing Powder doesn’t make me look like I just rolled myself in flour!

In fact, this adds a beautiful glow on top of whatever foundation I have beneath. In this picture, its on my bare skin and already you can tell how much of a soft, radiant finish this gives. This goes on oh so smoothly and doesn’t get cakey at my wrinkly parts. I do have to avoid touching my face cos it doesn’t stay on very well though.

Sweat can be a little bit of a problem at the hairline but then again, I have a fringe so everything’s covered up. I don’t really use this on a daily basis but I’ve discovered that it makes my skin look pretty awesome in selfies #justsaying.

Buy online here.
Price: S$22.00 or S$33.00 for the large

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