Gatsby Perfect Scrub

This is a double power scrub that thoroughly removes dead skin cells and excess sebum for shine free and smooth skin.

I first got my hands on a full size Gatsby Perfect Scrub in one of my VanityTroves and promptly gave it to my little brother who’s current occupation requires a green camouflage uniform, and to which he’s bound to for 2 years.

National Service, if you haven’t guessed it.

He’s now on his 3rd tube of this and told me that his face is smoother and less oily, but it does make his skin feel taut so I’ve been shoving moisturizer at him. This is a pocket friendly scrub that’s gentle on the skin and doesn’t strip away much natural oil while leaving behind clean and smooth skin.

For everyone else, remember to exfoliate just once a week. Any more and you risk both irritation and an increase in oil production, says American grooming expert Rita Csizmadia. And you can be sure that your weekly appointment with the Perfect Scrub will be one your hide will look forward to: Gatsby’s oil- and grime-dissolving scrub formula takes the shine away from your face, leaving you with the perfect skin of Gatsby ambassador, Takuya Kimura – well, almost anyway.


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