Going Home to Ohm!

By the time you read this, I’ll be in my favourite place in the whole wide world.


My IC might be pink and I might have been born in KK Hospital, but I’ve always felt Thai in my heart. Way before all these Thai discos/pubs were remotely popular.

Everything there just appeals to me. The people, the lifestyle, the food. Where on earth could I pour a spoonful of sugar into my noodles and not have others look at me as if I’m mad?

I haven’t been to Thailand for 3 years (thanks ah Mr BF) so my mission this time around is to stock up on necessities like dog food, medication and toiletries and pig out like food is going out of style. 3/4 of my to-do list involves going to specific places to eat. And of course visit the newly opened Hello Kitty Cafe at Siam Square!

But I do realise that this is a beauty blog, so here’s what’s going with me on my 4d3n trip:

SK-II FTE, Differin, cleaner, Nivea body moisturizer (review in the post below this, bringing it along cos it has SPF protection!), Laneige Sleeping Pack, skin rev-er upper, Olay cleansing system, clear lotion, eye cream and Vichy’s pimple cream.

My handy skincare box is actually from SK-II’s Christmas edition from two years ago! I’ve been stashing my beauty stuff in it for trips cos its so convenient and sturdy, not to mention pretty and easily fits into a corner of my luggage bag. My vanity case is falling apart so I’m probably gonna get a new one if there’s a Christmas release this year.

Be back on Tuesday weighing 5kg heavier!

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