Biore Micellar Cleansing Water

Ever since I was introduced to micellar cleansing water last year (late starter, I know), its been my choice of makeup remover. I love how non-oily it is and how easily it removes my cosmetics without tugging.

I’ve been faithful to the brand in my link above but recently did try another powerhouse brand’s micellar water but didn’t quite take to that one as it doesn’t really work very well for my hardy K-palette eyeliner. I seriously was searching for a replacement micellar water cos the one I currently use has increased their pricing quite substantially.

Biore’s Micellar Cleansing Water looks to be on par with the aforementioned brand in terms of their product feature but the big difference comes when you look at the pricing. It’s more than S$10 cheaper and has an extra 100ml! Plus, its also the number one makeup remover brand in Japan.

They claim to be a lightweight and refreshing makeup remover that lifts of more makeup in just one wipe, while leaving behind skin that is clean and refreshed with no sticky after feel.
Big talk – let’s test it out.

Errr.. haven’t been putting on makeup lately – am recovering from a bout of supercalifrangelistically bad dehydrated complex so I’ve done this review on my arm instead. I did use this a couple of times to remove my tinted sunscreen though.

What’s on my arm: Candydoll Shading Powder, Loreal Super Liner Blackbuster, Sasatinnie Gradation Blush, Revlon Lipstain, Elizabeth Arden Eyeliner which I use as a brow pencil cos I have La Bi Xiao Xin (Crayon Shin Chan!) dark brows and everything duplicated on Evangelist BB Cream (review coming in a week or so) on the right side.

These are my normal daily stuff when I can be arsed to colour my face by the way.

The Biore Micellar Cleansing Water is really super lightweight like water and has a pleasingly gentle scent to it. Thumbs up for the pretty pink bottle and easy-to-dispense pump that gives out a generous amount of cleansing water each time. I usually only need about 4 – 5 pumps to clean my entire face with the cosmetics in my picture, and 5 – 8 if I have mascara on.

Japanese products have all the best ingredients and this one’s no different. Natural mineral water from the Northen Japanese Alps helps to gently remove makeup and soothes while at it. Biore’s Watery Micellar Technology also effectively dissolves and lifts off all cosmetic gunk including mascaras and eyeliners!

So does this really remove makeup in one wipe?

The answer is a resounding YES. (PS: Other than the lippie, eyeliner and BB cream, I definitely don’t use so much of everything else on my face.) Most of my makeup is completely gone with just a gentle swipe – I didn’t even do the press and hold thing over the eyeliners.

Oh by the way, I think my picture serves as a fantastic explanation to why you should always get a good foundation. See how much bolder and smoother the colours are on the right side? Plus, I had to apply twice as much blush, contour and eyeliner on the left to achieve the same payout.

There’s still some residue from the dark coloured cosmetics and BB cream.

On to wipe number 2!

Which COMPLETELY removed ALL my makeup. The right image is wipe number 3, where I actually rubbed my skin to dislodge any stubborn pigments. Absolutely nothing came off cos all my cosmetics were eradicated in wipe 2. (The red line is where I rubbed too hard; I bruise easily.)

Huh. Okay… this is like getting surprised by micellar water all over again. I’ve never met one that dissolves makeup so easily. And the other two brands that I used certainly didn’t remove the same set of cosmetics on the first wipe.

Me likey!!

When I used this on my face, I noticed that my skin was softer and a little bit boing-boing thanks to enriched collagen and white tea extract in the formulation. They’re supposed to make your skin brighter too, but its either non-existent or negligible cos I didn’t notice anything. Someone with less flaky skin (my dehydration remember?) might see their skin being brightened.

There’s also an anti-bacterial benefit in Biore’s Micellar Cleansing Water which helps prevent pimples and breakouts, and minimises pores for a clearer and more refined complexion. And I’m comfortable with using this on my inflamed skin cos this is suitable for all skin types, even on sensitive skin.

I’m gonna assume that this is like every micellar water since it doesn’t say so anywhere on the packaging. Skin cleansing with this means that you don’t have to rinse off with water, follow up with a facial wash or any other scrubbing whatnots. Its like every lazy vain girl’s BFF. I’ve been lucky for my last few reviews cos I’ve found new stuff that I’ll willingly pay from my own pocket from to add to my regime and this one’s no different. I just wish that I did this review before I went to Thailand so that I could bulk buy this in baht!


Biore Micellar Cleansing Water (300ml) retails for S$18.90 at all pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets, and major departmental stores.

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