Skincode Essentials Extra Gentle Skin Refiner

This gentle exfoliating mask, formulated with a potent blend of actives, instantly removes dead skin cells and impurities, while reducing lines and wrinkles to reveal a softer, brighter and more even complexion. As with all Skincode products, this is 100% free from preservatives, fragrance, color or animal derivatives AND its dermatologist tested.

I thought of blogging this cos I suddenly remembered that when I was at the Skincode event a couple of months ago, one of the bloggers who attended had some remarkable results with this during a 10 minute test.

[PS: I don’t remember who. If its you and you read my blog, do let me know and I’ll link you!]

I scoffed a little when I read the product name – Extra Gentle. Like gentle is not good enough and Skincode has to go the extra mile and call this “extra”.

They had the last laugh.

The Skincode Essentials Extra Gentle Skin Refiner is unlike any exfoliant I’ve seen before. This totally looks and feels more like cleanser than an exfoliating cream. The beads are so nanoscopic that they’re barely there, and there’s obviously no scratchy or abrasive feeling. I quite liked how ultra comfy and gentle this is while leaving behind smooth skin.

As mentioned, one of the blogger girls wiped this off and her tested hand was 2 shades brighter and lighter than the untested one even in a dim room.

The ingredients in this are CM-Glucan (of course), Apple concentrate, Vitamin A & E, Cucumber & Ginseng Extract and Rice Starch. Nothing but nature that does good for you in there.

Price: S$82 (75ml)

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