CSI: 65daigou

If  you didn’t already know, I’ve recently become one of 65daigou’s official bloggers. Not the rave-about-their-service type of blogger, but more of an editorial writer for their blog cos nobody was updating that and they liked the way I write.

(Plus, if you search “65daigou” on Google, guess who comes up first? *preens*)

Oh, this also explains why you’ll feel like you’ve read some of my posts before cos I do occasionally copy and paste from the other blog to this one, and vice versa.

They’ve recently made an unprecedented move by removing the first 500g qualifications – I super love this! I’ve lost count of the number of times that I didn’t purchase a dress or a tee cos I didn’t wanna be paying $7 in shipping for wasted space. When they heard my response, they challenged me to uncover how they new rates, and additional warehouse in China (which nobody else in Singapore has) makes them the top shopping partner in Singapore.

Date: 8th October 2014
Location: Singapore
Case File Number: #065

Case Summary: 65daigou claims to have the fastest and most cost effective overseas shopping experience in Singapore.

Exhibit (A) – Revised shipping rates, no base charge.
Exhibit (B) – 2 China warehouses, 1 in Shanghai, 1 in Guangzhou.


Speed & Cost Effectiveness Analysis

Scenario: An impromptu weekend date. A couple outfit is needed.

Analysis based on the old shipping rates via Economy Air from Shanghai:

Item Cost Domestic Shipping
Shanghai: Swag Tee (0.18kg) RMB 40 RMB 3
Shanghai: Jeans (0.50kg) RMB 100 RMB 5
Guangzhou: Frilly Lace Top (0.05kg) RMB 20 RMB 10
Guangzhou: Denim Shorts (0.25kg) RMB 80 RMB 12
Total (S$1 = RMB 4.70) S$51.06 S$6.38

If all shipped to Shanghai:
S$57.44 (Items Cost) + S$8 (0.98kg Weight Cost) = S$65.44
Waiting time 7 – 9 working days.

If shipped to Shanghai and Guangzhou respectively
Shanghai [S$31.49 (Items Cost) + $5 (0.68kg Weight Cost)] + Guangzhou [S$22.98 (Items Cost) + $5 (0.30kg Weight Cost)] = S$67.44
Waiting time 3 – 5 working days.

Either pay less to wait longer, or pay more to receive faster.


Exhibit (A) revised shipping rates, no base charge. International shipping cost is reduced to $6 total, from $8 – $10, regardless of whether items are sent from Shanghai or Guangzhou.

It is definitely cost effective, as 65daigou claims, to shop from overseas with them. A two-way MRT trip from outlying SIngapore to Orchard Road is already almost $4.


Case approved. 65daigou has lived up to their claims.


Exhibit (B) – 2 China warehouses, 1 in Shanghai, 1 in Guangzhou. This helps customers save up to 4 days waiting time for sellers who need to send their merchandise to a far away city.

Together with flat fee shipping, customers can now send their items to the nearer city in order to receive their items much, much quicker. Proper use of Express Air (DHL) will enable customers to receive their goods in 1 – 2 days.


Case approved. 65daigou has lived up to their claims again.


I think I’ve done a pretty good job in this investigation, given that I suck balls at anything maths related. What’s more, their new rates apply to Taiwan and USA shipping too – can you say $4 per 500g anywhere else!

And here’s a small reward for you for reading this all the way through: Use 65FIRST10 at your second payment on the 65daigou website for 10% off shipping!

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