Leejiham (LJH) for HKCplaza Review I

I received 3 LJH items from HKCplaza in May this year.. and the other stuff are all freebies!

With every order on the HKCplaza website, you’ll get a very generous amount of samples and masks at no extra cost. There are currently 38 brands (and growing) on the site: 6,000 over products ranging from professional skin aesthetics, brand shop to trendy products that involves both retail and back-end clinic salon usage packs.

They stock Korean cosmetics, fashion and food, as well as services such as facials and manicures at trusted establishments in Singapore. What’s more, they have free international shipping!

A proper look at the goodies they’ve sent me:

  • LJH Doctor’s Care Vita Propolis Ampoule (Honey Ampoule)
  • LJH SMART Power Cream
  • LJH SMART Power Cleansing Foam

I’ve finished using all 3 and really love the cleanser and ampoule. To be honest, I’m currently on my 3rd tube of cleanser (which I paid for myself). I love it so much that I sort of acted as a mini ambassador at the recent LJH event!

LJH’s Smart Power Cleansing Foam is all you need to remove light makeup. Natural soapwort and amino acid are some of the key ingredients in this that removes BB or CC cream, sunblock and other cosmetics thoroughly in one wash.

People are calling this the perfect all-in-one cleansing foam which does not require dual facial cleansing or irritate skin.

6 of the major ingredients:

  1. Soapwort extract – a mild natural detergent that cleanses waste from skin and contains high levels of saponin which helps regenerate skin.
  2. Lotus extract – a pure plant with superior purifying effects and contains an abundance of vitamins B and E, and minerals. It suppresses the sources of aging to make skin clean and clear.
  3. Papaya extract – a mild ingredient which is nontoxic with outstanding exfoliation effects. Also, its effective in eliminating waste and controls sebum well, thus this is widely used for pore care.
  4. Purslane extract – is rich in vitamins E and C and beta carotene for skin stimulation, relief, and natural moisturizers.
  5. Vitamin E derivative – obtained from various plants such as soybeans protect skin damaged by the external environment and improves hydration of the stratum corneum.
  6. Orange extract – brightening ingredients in orange makes dull skin caused by UV rays bright and beautiful.

Of course, its not powerful enough to combat waterproof cosmetics but this really does remove makeup extremely well – there is absolutely no trace left behind when I’m done.

My skin is left feeling bouncy and hydrated.

Price: S$38.00 (150g)

LJH SMART Power Cream is made with 2014’s technology.

They discovered that our skin cannot be maintained even if one regularly applies rich oily creams. Oil actually prevents our from absorbing much needed moisture. Thus, as time goes by, this may cause resilience decrease and aging troubles.

Price: S80.00 (15g x 3)

This is the other one I like!

LJH Doctor’s Care Vita Propolis Ampoule (Honey Ampoule) contains a ridiculous amount of pure propolis that makes my skin GLOW. And I think there’s some pore tightening effect in there, cos I did see the wasteland that is my cheeks go from crater to sand.

Price: S$42 (15ml)

If you’re interested in any of these products but don’t want to spend on them yet just incase they’re not suitable for you, redeem FREE samples here. You will have to sign up for an account though.

Or, come to the preview party at Lolita!

You’ll leave with an awesome goodie bag (no strings attached) worth $30! Do remember to quote that you read this from my blog though. See you girls there!

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